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Burgers in Virginia Beach
March 17, 2018
Now this article is likely to surprise you because these 5 places are not what you would normally constitute as being “burger joints”. Now don’t get us wrong these are 5 of the VERY ... Read more >>
February 2, 2018
FAMILY RAFT RIDE More Hooah! Oorah! Hooyah! And Woooo hoooooo, coming for the summer of 2018! Coming in 2018, Ocean Breeze Waterpark will add a massive family raft ride to its unique collection of... Read more >> Holiday Article
December 8, 2017
The Holidays are always such a wonderful time of the year. There is always a lot  going on in Virginia Beach,… you certainly can’t expect to do it all. We wrote this article to give you s... Read more >>
Santa on beach
November 27, 2017
All seasons are great in Virginia Beach and fall and winter are no exceptions. There are so many Christmas events and activities going on that we hoped an article detailing some of the favorites would... Read more >>
November 15, 2017
Christmas is a time of family fun and games, especially for those families with kids.  There are all kinds of events and activities available in Virginia Beach that will please the whole family, you ... Read more >>
July 11, 2017
So you want to go out with your significant other and have a nice, romantic dinner?  Well, you know the old saying… “Virginia is for Lovers”… and this is especially true of Vi... Read more >>
March 16, 2017
There’s nothing quite like going to a live show and hearing your favorite band or song. The excitement and energy of the crowd, the dancing, the loud music. It can’t be beat! That’s why we are b... Read more >>
January 28, 2017
In a recent study done by job resource website Zippia, Virginia Beach was named the Number 8 happiest city in the U.S. While they did consider residents’ average salaries, they also used the followi... Read more >>
January 28, 2017
If you’re like most vacationers, you come to Virginia Beach to enjoy the beach! So, why not stay at an oceanfront hotel and get the most out of your experience? While we have plenty of comfy accommo... Read more >>
January 11, 2017
When the winter approaches and chilly temperatures start to arrive in Virginia Beach, the local entertainment and sightseeing doesn’t stop.  In, fact, in many ways it heats up! Virginia Beach h... Read more >>
Halloween Events in Virginia Beach
October 2, 2016
Find out where to go in Virginia Beach for Halloween. Don’t be afraid. Some of these attractions will scare the pants off of you! Read more >>
August 30, 2016
When you come to Virginia Beach and start walking toward the northern end of the beach (beyond 31st Street), you may notice something a little unique on the beach at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Loc... Read more >>