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Moving and Finding a Career in Virginia Beach

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 by Virginia Beach
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Virginia Beach is not just the perfect location for a vacation. Suppose you have enjoyed your stay in Virginia Beach and are planning to move to Virginia Beach long-term. In that case, your next step will usually be to look for career opportunities in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area. Then, if you are planning to relocate to Virginia Beach in the near future, here is a guide to moving to Virginia Beach and establishing yourself as a working professional in the area.

Why should you move to Virginia Beach?

  • Not only is Virginia Beach startlingly pretty, but it also has a growing economy and a low unemployment rate, meaning that it is the perfect city within which to start your career and to look to the future of the family. The average household income and the number of people with a degree-level education are above the average in the United States. There is also an abundance of affordable housing and a high quality of living for most people.
  • Living in Virginia Beach is like being on vacation every day, with interesting historical attractions, a beautiful climate all year round, and many festivals throughout the year to help you become part of your local community.

What are the top jobs available in Virginia Beach?

  • Since you will likely have vacationed to Virginia Beach before you decided to move here, you will know that one of the most thriving industries in the area is tourism, with flocks of vacation-goers coming to our shores throughout the summer season. Then, if you are moving to the area during the summer months, you should consider finding a position in the tourism industry. These include being a lifeguard, a tour guide, or even working at one of Virginia Beach’s stellar attractions that have been specially developed for tourists interested in visiting the area. This will then help to give you an insight into Virginia Beach from the other side of the help desk.
  • Side by side with the tourism industry is that of hospitality, with tourists needing places to stay and eat when they are away from home. Then, Virginia Beach has a bustling hospitality industry, with there being many jobs in local hotels and restaurants. Although these are demanding, they can allow you to connect with hundreds of people a day and to help to make tourists’ stays as comfortable and exciting as possible. Not only this but there are also many progression opportunities in the hospitality sector.
  • Some jobs are in-demand no matter where you move to, though, and these jobs include those in the healthcare industry. Some of the highest-paying positions in Virginia Beach are within the health sector, including family medicine physicians, anesthetists, and nurses. Working within the health sector allows you to become an active part of the community. It gives you opportunities to work in many different settings, such as schools, hospitals, and community centers. You will also be able to acquire these jobs no matter what your background is, as long as you have the appropriate qualifications and experience.
  • IT and technology is also a big employer in Virginia Beach, and, with the industry growing all the time, there will likely be even more opportunities for you in this sector in years to come, especially as technology begins to infiltrate day-to-day life to a greater extent.

How can you kickstart your career before moving to Virginia Beach?

  • Before you move to Virginia Beach for your career, you should consider taking an online degree that can help to shape the types of jobs that you are eligible to do as soon as you move in. For instance, Baylor University offers accelerated nursing programs that can help you start your healthcare career as soon as possible, even if you have never thought about having a career in the sector before. Online courses are often the best options for people who are thinking of moving to Virginia Beach as they can be taken from any location and will allow you to study toward your qualification even amid the stress of moving home or state by giving you access to all of the resources that you need whenever you need them.
  • If you want to have a job to start at as soon as you have settled in the city, you should consider using online job boards, such as Indeed, to apply for different roles before you move in. This will allow you to see the jobs that are available to you in the city without having to arrange any face-to-face interaction, meaning that you can secure an income for yourself to pay off your new mortgage or rental agreement before you even move in.
  • If you would like to find a job with only a fraction of the stress, you should consider signing up for a recruitment agency in Virginia Beach. Although these agencies sometimes only offer you temporary positions, these can help you to get an income for your family while you look around for something else, with many of the positions in the tourism industry in Virginia Beach providing jobs for the community on a seasonal basis.
  • You should also start to make connections in your new city by joining social media groups for your area and changing your location on your LinkedIn account. This will help you to hear about jobs in your area and will ensure that you have professional connections that you can utilize before you touch down in Virginia Beach.

Then, if you believe that you are ready to make the first steps toward your new life in Virginia Beach, you should consider looking for the best property for you and your family. Take the time to find out more about the amenities that the city offers, arrange an interstate moving service that can take all of your possessions to your new home, and research the careers that you believe will engage and satisfy you until retirement.



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