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Beach Chairs and Equipment Rentals


In consideration of the guests and visitors coming to Virginia Beach from all over the United States, Virginia Beach has made beach chairs and other equipment available for those who are not able to bring such items with them.

Virginia Beach tries to accommodate everyone and make these rentals convenient and affordable enough so that you can enjoy your vacation, not spend a lot of money and still be able to enjoy everything that the beach and ocean has to offer.

This equipment is made available by a special company that has a vending agreement with the city of Virginia Beach called…

beach equipment rentals

Call: (305) 535-8177
for questions, concerns or complaints.

FULL DAY RATES (rates verified as of July 2017)

Our pampering experience includes:

  • Beach beds — $75.00
  • Luxury lounge chairs—$20.00
  • Folding chairs —$13.00
  • Umbrellas—$15.00
  • Cabanas —$25.00
  • Sand chairs —$8.00
  • Boogie boards —$7.00

Five day rental pass available:  Rent any of the same equipment for four days and get the fifth day free!

**No Refunds – See Beach Attendant for Assistance.


  • From Mon-Thurs only, all rentals are 50% off AFTER 3pm. (except holidays)
  • Ask about seasonal and 5-day rentals
  • No reservations.  It is a first-come, first-served basis.
  • NO Refunds


  • At the beach locations: CASH, CREDIT CARDS and CHARGE TO ROOM. See attendants/lifeguards in red umbrella.
  • Room Charges are only available for visitors staying in the Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn and Ocean Beach Club.
  • At the 4 hotels mentioned above: They can charge to your room or accept cash.


We know that when you come to the beach you want to relax and our courteous and friendly staff is here to help you do that!

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Weekends: Fri-Sun 9am to 6pm

Weather Permitting



May 1 until Labor Day weekend

Open daily in locations on every block from 1st to 40th St on the beach along the Boardwalk and also 56th St on the beach at the Wyndham Hotel (Northend).  In order to rent any equipment, just look for beach attendant under the umbrella that says “Rentals” or by the big box that says “Beach Rentals” on the beach.

Off-Season Locations

After Labor Day weekend until the end of Sept, they’re only open at their hotel locations:
(see map below)

Hotel Locations for Equipment Rentals

They are also located on every block on the beach (look for the blue umbrella or lifeguard stand)


Sandbridge is a destination beach that is approximately 30 minutes south of the main Virginia Beach Resort area.  They also have a specific company that they use for beach equipment rental.

The following information is for Sandbridge beach quipment rentals.

Moneysworth beach equipment rentals

Call: 800-662-2122
for questions, concerns or complaints.


Moneysworth Equipment Rental is located approximately 1 mile from the Sandbridge beach area. See the Map to the right.

If you are unable to go to their office and rent the items, you can call them and they can deliver the equipment to your beach home rental.

All equipment rates and information can bee seen at their website…

Visit Website

Sandbridge Equipment Rentals

Moneysworth Rentals

601 Sandbridge Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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