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Alcoholic Beverages and the Virginia Beach Alcohol Policy

Virginia Beach has a strict alcohol policy. Virginia’s Alcoholic Beverage Commission operates liquor stores in Virginia Beach (called ABC Stores), where a variety of liquors and Virginia wines are sold. Grocery and convenience stores carry beer and wine. One must be 21 years of age to buy wine, beer and liquor.

  • Licensed premises can serve until 2 a.m..
  • Off-premises establishments, like convenience stores, can sell until midnight.

If you want to purchase liquor in the state of Virginia, then you need to visit an ABC Store (Alcoholic Beverage Control Store).

If you want to purchase beer or wine in the state of Virginia, then you need to visit grocery store, convenience store (ex: 7-11 Store) or a designated beer and wine store (like Total Wine).

Carrying an unsealed or open container of alcohol in public or in an auto is illegal.  Virginia Beach is very strict regarding the open container laws.  Police will patrol the streets and beaches searching for alcoholic beverages.

According to a database of state Supreme Court records, in 2013, over 228 people were charged with having glass or alcohol on the beach. They all faced fines. Virginia Beach tries to keep the beach and its impression clean for families.  Yet even in a family-friendly area with a ban on cursing (that’s right, no swearing on the beach), ice-cold beer cans hidden in cozies or coolers are an open secret. You can also get ticketed for bravely going nude. A small handful of people were ticketed up last year for being nude on the beach, according to the Supreme Court database.

To avoid ruining your vacation, don’t take any chances. Forego the booze on the beach, keep your birthday suit covered, and follow the beach rules. Nothing to get hung over about 🙂 Click here to see more Beach Rules and Water Safety or if you want to read a little bit more about the alcohol policy in Virginia Beach you can view the question on our Ask A Local section:

What is the policy with alcohol on the beach?

No alcohol or glass of any kind is allowed on the beach.
No alcohol or glass of any kind is allowed on the beach unless permitted for an event.
Now to the end of May 2019
Sun 19th
Sun 19th
Tue 21st
Wed 22nd
Fri 24th – Mon 27th
Fri 24th
Sat 25th
Sun 26th
Thu 30th
Events in June 2019
Sun 2nd
Wed 5th – Thu 6th
Thu 6th – Sat 8th
Thu 13th
Fri 14th
Wed 19th
Fri 21st
Sat 22nd
Sat 22nd
Fri 28th – Sun 30th
Sat 29th
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