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Not everyone wants to stay in a hotel while visiting Virginia Beach. That is why Virginia Beach offers a wide variety of other accommodations. The least expensive option is obviously camping, but if you don't have a tent or camper you can still find great places to stay in our Bed and Breakfast houses, Condos for Rent, Beach Homes for rent or even timeshares right here on the oceanfront.
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There are many alternatives when it comes to staying in Virginia Beach.  Here are some of the other categories you can choose from when you are planning your stay.

Hotels are the most popular way to stay in Virginia Beach.  Here are just a few of the best, but don’t stop here. Visit our Virginia Beach Hotels page to find out all of the hotels that we have and the ones we recommend.

Virginia Beach Campgrounds

Whether it’s a pop-up tent with a sleeping bag or a full size camper, there is no cheaper way to spend your vacation than camping in Virginia Beach. View our maps and information on all Virginia Beach campgrounds.

Yes, timeshares are here in Virginia Beach.  Be careful and choose wisely. Many people are interested in selling their timeshare here. Read more about timeshares on our Virginia Beach Timeshares page.

Beach House Rental - Virginia Beach

Are you coming to Virginia Beach with a large group or need a lot of space to stretch out and relax?  We have all sorts of shapes and sizes of Beach Home Rentals in Virginia Beach.  We can’t possibly list them all here, but we can give you some good leads.

Condos in Virginia Beach are like a home way from home… except that now you have an ocean and a beach next to your home!  We have some great Condominiums in Virginia Beach that are close to everything and open for seasonal rental.

Bed and Breakfast Cottage Virginia Beach

Looking for something quaint, cozy and private in Virginia Beach?  Virginia Beach Bed and Breakfasts is your answer.  We have some nice cottages right in the middle of all of the action just a few blocks from the beach and boardwalk.

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