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Weddings on the beach, it doesn’t get more romantic. Virginia Beach is a wedding destination so it only makes sense that they have the best in florist and weddings options anywhere on the East Coast. There are many florist and wedding stores to choose that perfect set-up for your special day. And if you ask me there really is no better place to get married than at the beach.

Who are Beach Weddings for?

Not everyone wants to get married on the beach – only very special couples. To get married on the beach or in the surf, you must be free spirited and RELAXED. You must not be bothered by unimportant things – like getting the hem of your wedding gown wet or sandy. And you definitely need to enjoy being barefoot. If you love the feel of surf tugging at your toes and if you love the music of waves crashing against the shore, then you may be ready for a beach wedding.

So many venues for weddings! From historic sites to beachside parks, you’ll find a variety of unique locations with wedding experience. The Virginia Aquarium and Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art are two of the most popular wedding locations but there are so many special places.

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