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Virginia Beach is a surf town which makes surf shops an essential part of the resort city. Virginia Beach is well-known in the surfing world by hosting the world’s longest running surf contest The East Coast Surfing Championships each year in August. Virginia Beach is home to some of the best surf shops in the world like Wave Riding Vehicles led by Les Shaw the “Head Honcho” and owner who was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in 2014.

Virginia Beach surf shops have everything your family will need for a day surfing the waves. The best part about shopping at a surf shop in Virginia Beach is that the surf stores are staffed by surfers. In fact some stores even have legendary surfers working at them such as Wes Laine pro-surfer that works at Coastal Edge and runs their surf board department.

This is the expertise you want when shopping for your surf essentials. The surf shops in Virginia Beach all offer surf lessons and surf camps so everyone in the family can “catch-the-stoke” out on the waves of the Atlantic.

You and your family will not have any trouble finding all of the gear you need for your days of surfing. Virginia Beach surf shops are in walking distance of many of the hotels and attractions in Virginia Beach. They have the latest in everything surfing from surfboards and bodyboards to wetsuits for the different surf seasons of Virginia Beach. No matter what you need they have it! They carry all the favorite surf brands like Volcom, Oneill, Roxy, Quicksilver, Electric, and so many more. The best surf gear available anywhere such as the latest in swim-trunks, bikinis,shorts and t-shirts. It gets hot in the Summer so make sure to get some waterproof-sunscreen before heading out to catch those waves.

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