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5 Best LGBT-Friendly Places for Seniors in Virginia Beach

Last Updated: Monday, January 31, 2022 by Virginia Beach
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When we hit a certain age, our priorities shift. It happens a couple of times during life. Evolving from students to adults is a change that affects all of us. But going from a working citizen to a retired senior is an even bigger shock. Some people who get used to high-paced lives don’t know what to do with all their free time. Too bad for them because that’s supposed to be the best part of our lives. And for those who know how to adapt, it is. Adapting is easier for those surrounded by like-minded people because that gives chances for socialization. Seniors often move to start a new life in some other city, and some cities are more alluring than the rest. One of those is Virginia Beach, especially for LGBT seniors. But before we reveal the best LGBT-friendly places in Virginia Beach, we’ll explain how seniors prefer to spend their time.

What Makes an Area Suitable for Seniors?

Moving around the country isn’t an issue today because most seniors can save enough money to buy property in some popular cities. Meeting new people may have been a problem in the past, but today online dating sites remove it. That means seniors don’t have to be afraid of loneliness after moving to a new town, which is one of their biggest concerns. Online dating evolves before our eyes, and niche sites connect people with the same desires. Meeting 50-year-old lesbians on the site for senior gay ladies is easy because every woman there wants something (someone) similar. It’s also the fastest way of connecting with like-minded locals. But LGBT seniors need more than good company to enjoy life. Yes, everything is better with someone supportive by your side, but without things to do, you’d soon get sick of each other.

That’s why seniors pick cities that offer options for fun and relaxation. Walking in parks and beaches is a popular senior activity. It lets them connect with nature and be active at the same time. It’s also easy to meet new people in such places or arrange dates with matches they find on dating sites. Elderly people love doing yoga or similar activities to relax fully. When LGBT seniors decide to have fun, they aren’t strangers to karaoke, dining in local restaurants, and organizing home parties for close friends. Public transportation also matters because older people don’t like wasting time. Going on dates is less stressful when you don’t have to drive 3 hours to see your match.

TOP 5 Places in Virginia Beach Senior Lesbians Love

Virginia Beach is one of the cities that answers all the needs of senior lesbians. Yes, they had some issues with LGBT members, but those are hopefully gone forever. Anyway, Virginia Beach has enough LGBT-friendly places for seniors. The city has many people over 55 (27.2% of the population). And 14.7% of the community are people over 65. That opens many possibilities for single lesbians with profiles on local dating sites. Meeting ladies online and then going to places from the list below is a recipe for a good time.

First Landing State Park

Senior lesbians love First Landing State Park because it’s a great place for tranquil, romantic dates. Most people go there to hike on beautiful trails. However, there are other available activities. Those brave enough to swim in the Chesapeake Bay can connect with nature. But there are no lifeguards at any time of the year, so it’s better not to do that alone. Many lesbians enjoy fishing, and those with fishing licenses can rent a boat and go fishing at the Narrows.

Rainbow Cactus

Rainbow Cactus is proof that issues with LGBT members in Virginia Beach were made by the minority. This gay/lesbian bar is the best rated on Yelp for a reason. The staff is always friendly, and drag shows are fun. They even have free pool tournaments with prizes for the top 3 players. Less competitive lesbians can have a blast on karaoke nights. Most people there aren’t seniors, but the energy inside Rainbow Cactus is so warm everyone feels welcome.

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Virginia Beach is a coastal city, so it’s not surprising that most seniors love spending time on beaches. One of the most popular is Oceanfront. It offers something to everyone. Live performers amuse even the saddest souls. Romantic walks on the 3-mile-broad walk for new couples. Fishing spots for couples who’re together for a while. Atlantic Avenue is packed with shops for getting each other gifts.

The Little Theatre of Virginia Beach

The Little Theatre of Virginia Beach has been alive since 1948, and they never disappoint their audience. Senior LGBT members love their plays and don’t mind seeing them more than once.

Croatan Beach

Another beach gets a spot on this list but for different reasons than Oceanfront. While the Oceanfront is full of people and things to do, Croatan Beach is its silent cousin. Popular among surfers and those who want to escape the hustle and bustle.



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