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Parking in Virginia Beach: Tips and Locations

Last Updated: Sunday, August 13, 2023 by Virginia Beach
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Compact cars are best for parking in crowded areas

A road trip to Virginia Beach is the best thing you can do for a short weekend or a long vacation. Surrounded by sun and sea, this cozy coastal resort has all the ingredients for a fun-filled holiday.

First, the colorful 35-mile-long coastline invites you to relax on the soft sand and swim in the clear water. Then, an abundance of natural sites such as False Cape State Park and First Landing State Park allows you to get in touch with the wild. Finally, cultural, historical, and scientific attractions complete the list of possible travel options in the area.

So, a huge selection of places of interest makes travelers look for alternative transportation methods, and car rental in Virginia Beach is the most obvious choice. Yes, tourists pick up a set of wheels to improve their vacation. The vehicle at your fingertips gives you the comfort and flexibility you desire. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on it – Enterprise in Virginia Beach offers you to rent a cheap car for less than $20 per day. The only possible concern when traveling by car is parking.

Fortunately, we have foreseen most of the troubles and compiled a list of the major Virginia Beach parking rules, recommendations, and locations. Below, consider where to park in the city’s coastal areas and check out multiple valuable tips!

Virginia Beach Oceanfront parking

The local oceanfront includes a 5-mile highway with branches leading into the city center. Upon arrival in this area, you can leave your car in the municipal, private, or street parking. Let’s look at each option in more detail.

Municipal lots

As a rule, municipal spaces have a flat daily rate regardless of the hours your car is on the lot. It starts at $7 from Monday to Thursday and reaches $10 from Friday to Sunday. Disabled people can use municipal spaces free of charge. Most of them are concentrated at the exit of General Booth Blvd in the southern part of the oceanfront. Also, several ones are available near the exit to 21st Street. Find details on municipal spaces below:

  • 19th Street North – 525 spaces
  • 19th Street South – 203 spaces
  • Croatan Beach – 500 spaces
  • 4th Street – 67 spaces
  • Rudee Loop – 152 spaces
  • 2nd Street – 102 spaces

Private garages

If you are looking for Virginia Beach Boardwalk parking options, consider private garages that provide services on an hourly basis. Leaving your car this way costs $2 for up to 1 hour, $4 for 1-2 hours, $6 for 2-3 hours, and $10 for more than 3 hours. Here are the most extensive garages in the area by the number of lots available:

  • 31st Street Garage – 527 spaces
  • 25th Street Garage – 244 spaces
  • 9th Street Garage – 605 spaces

Street parking

The majority of travelers consider on-street options to be the best solution, and they are right. However, you must adhere to the restrictions posted on signs and keep in mind other local regulations. Also, don’t forget about the color of the curbs and the location of the fire hydrant to avoid being ticketed. Browse through major local street parking tips below:

  • The approximate cost of a 1-hour stay is $2. Keep in mind that meters are active from April 1 to October 31, while parking is free the rest of the time.
  • You can pay either in cash or by credit/debit card. Also, use the Parkmobile app for booking and payment.
  • If you park between Rudee Loop and 5th Street from 5 am to 10 am you won’t pay a cent.
  • You must have an appropriate sticker that proves your payment, or other authorization linked to the license plate or any person traveling in your vehicle.
  • Disabled people can use metered options for up to 4 hours, but must provide an appropriate tag visible through the windshield.

Sandbridge area parking in Virginia Beach

Located in the Southern part of the city’s coastline, Sandbridge provides a smaller selection of parking spaces. However, the number of visitors is also smaller. As always, on-street options are the preferred choice, with free spaces for the disabled.

However, you can also benefit from municipal spaces and private garages. They operate Monday-Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm while the daily rate is $5 ($3 for residents). Plus, parking is free of charge after 5 pm. The following facilities fall into this list:

  • Sandbridge Municipal – 135 spaces
  • Little Iceland Park – 720 spaces
  • Sandbridge Market – 75 spaces

Chesapeake Bay Parking

In the northern part of the coast, you can park your car on the street. The greatest abundance of on-street lots is available between Little Creek Beach and Fort Story. Alternatively, use the following public/private spaces:

  • Lynnhaven Beach Ramp – 110 lots

Address: 3576 Piedmont Cir First

  • Landing State Park – 305 lots

Address: 64th Street

Daily rates are $4 ($5 on weekends). Disabled people can enjoy free options in these locations.

Summing it up, you have access to cheap and even free parking at Virginia Beach in most locations around the area. A ride on four wheels will take you to the most secret and incredible highlights. The main thing is to follow basic traffic regulations to avoid being ticketed or towed!



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