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Q: Can I take a cooler on the beach?

Asked by: Stephanie M.


Hi Stephanie,

Yes, coolers are allowed on the beach in Virginia Beach.  Many people take coolers onto the sand to provide refreshments and snacks to their firends and family on those hot summer days.

You may want to review our Alcohol Policy before you decide what contents you want to put in your cooler. Just so you know, in short, alcohol is NOT allowed on the beach or boardwalk.

NOTE: If a beach patroller / policeman stops by and asks you to open your cooler so that he can inspect it, you have the right to refuse his request.  He does not have the right to open or inspect your cooler unless there is “probable cause” to do so.  (“Probable cause” will determined by the officer.  If he sees or smells alcohol or if you are acting irradically due to the presence of alcohol, then he will have the right to perform an inspection.)


Virginia Beach, VA
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