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Q: What are the rules and regulations in regards to pets at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront?

Added Details:

I have 2 dogs and want to bring them to the beach!

Asked by: Monica E.


Hi Monica,

It really depends on the specific beach location that you are asking about.

For detailed informaiton, we have a page about this very subject Dogs and Other Pets in Virginia Beach.

Essentially, if you are asking about the Virginia Beach Oceanfront beaches, you cannot have your pets on the beach from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  This is prime-time tourist season and there are just too many people on the beach and too many liabilities to allow pets on the most popular beaches with crowds.

If you are asking about North End beaches or Chesapeake Bay beaches, there are are only some minor limitations as to when pets can be on the beach.  If it is outside of the Memorial Day through Labor Day period, then there are no limits.  If it is between Memorial Day through Labor Day, then you can onlyhave pets on the beach before 10am and after 6pm.

Sandbridge beaches allow pets on the beach at any time.

I hope this helps answer your question.

I think a more important question and concern for you would be to find out which hotels are “pet-friendly”.  We have put together a list of pet friendly hotels.  To be 100% certain, I suggest you check directly with the hotel or place that you are staying to see if they allow pets.

Pet Friendly Hotels and more…

Here is a list of “pet-friendly” hotels in Virginia Beach.




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