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Q: Are there any Vegan restaurants in the Virginia Beach area?

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I've been living plant based for a couple years now and always check out the Vegan spots when I travel. Thanks!

Asked by: Aaron W.



That is a great question especially with the ever-rising popularity of “eating right” and specifically eating healthy. In regards to a recommendation about plant based eating in Virginia Beach, unfortunately there are not many options.  One particular restaurant that is a favorite is called Fruitive. It is located in the Shops at Hilltop and is certainly a one-of-a-kind operation with delicious vegan food and drinks served by a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fruitive is the first certified 100% plant based restaurant in Virginia Beach.  In fact it was in 2012 that Fruitive became the first certified Green Restaurant in Southeast Virginia.

I think you will truly enjoy your experience at Fruitive. And if you end up craving it once you are back home Fruitive even has a nationwide online delivery option to have access to their tasty cold-pressed juices (my personal favorite) and of course their signature juice cleanses. Their motto is “Live Your Health” so it sounds like this is a perfect place for you to check out while in Virginia Beach.

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Virginia Beach, VA
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