Q: What is the best place for seafood in Virginia Beach?

Asked by: Kevin M.

Hi Kevin,

Wow, that is a pretty loaded question! 🙂  You want the BEST place for seafood in Virginia Beach?  Yikes, that is almost impossible to answer.  There are so many types of seafood (oysters, rockfish, shrimp, crablegs, tuna, etc..) and on any given day one restaurant may have a better fresh catch than another… so there are a lot of things to consider.

We love a challenge so we will give it a try. 🙂

Here are some of the top seafood restaurants that we recommend in Virginia Beach (in no particular order).  If you come to Virginia Beach and love seafood, you should visit at least one of these during your trip:

  • Lucky Oyster Seafood Co. – Just as the name states, this is the place to go for oysters.  They also have a full menu of seafood and it is all good so don’t just focus on the oysters.  Lucky Oyster Seafood Co. is south of the main oceanfront so you will need to have transportation to get there, but it is worth the drive.
  • One Fish Two Fish – This is a local’s favorite for an upscale yet cozy dining experience.  They don’t specialize in only seafood but their seafood entrees are usually very good.  Located near Shore Dr, One Fish Two Fish is not located on the oceanfront, so you will once again need to have transportation to get there.
  • Salacia – One of the few restaurants at the oceanfront that has a full display of fresh seafood for you to view.  This is another upscale restaurant that will require some nice attire for dining.  Located inside the Hilton on 30th Street, Salacia is a popular place for tourists.  Our recommendation is to try the SEAFOOD TOWER. 🙂
  • George’s Seafood Buffet – For the person or family on a budget, George’s Seafood Buffet is both conveniently located at the oceanfront and also easy on the wallet.  They have a full buffet for you to choose from and eat until you are full. Ask about their kid specials.
  • Lynnhaven Fish House – Another popular place to eat on Shore Dr.  The Lynnhaven Fish House has been around for decades and many parents and even grandparents come back year after year to relive old memories and eat some delicious seafood.

Well that about sums up some of our recommendations.  This is certainly not an all-encompassing list of seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach, but it is just a small list of our favorites.

You may have noticed that many of the places that we mention are not located at the oceanfront.  In fact, many of the good seafood restaurants are located near Shore Drive.  We think there are a few reasons for this.  Shore Drive has quick and easy access to the Chesapeake Bay through the Lesner Bridge, so the fishing boats can come and go and guarantee that the seafood is always fresh.  Also, these restaurants are not located at the oceanfront so they don’t have to serve a massive number of people.  Sometimes you lose a little bit of quality when  you have to serve so many people so quickly.  That is just our opinion.  Explore for yourself and we would love to hear your opinions of the best seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach!

Have a great day at the beach!


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