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Q: Can I use a pop up tent at the beach?

Added Details:

The tent is less 10 ft x10ft

Asked by: Katrina R.


Hi Katrina,

This is a similar question to this one… Are pop-up shade tops allowed on Virginia Beach? No sides, just a sunshade 8ftx8ft.

Your question is abit different because you used the word “tent”.  “Tents” are not allowed on the beach.  You must be able to see THROUGH the enclosure from all sides.  So, by definition a “tent” would NOT be allowed.


If you are referring to a pop-up gazebo or a pop-up sunshade where there are open walls on all sides and only a roof, then the answer would be YES and you can refer tot he link above for more information.


We hope this helps answer your question and we hope you HAVE A GREAT DAY AT THE BEACH!


Virginia Beach, VA
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