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Q: We’re coming to Virginia Beach in July with our 1-year-old grandson and want to purchase a beach canopy/tent. We are looking at the Pacific Beach Easyup Beach Tent Deluxe XL which has vented windows on 3 sides (you can see through them) and one side open. Would this be allowed on Virginia Beach?

Asked by: Suzanne B.


Hi Suzanne,

According to the rules as they are written in the city code, that type of beach canopy would not be allowed.

However, my personal feeling is that it would be very unlikely for a lifeguard or beach official to approach you about the canopy unless you were causing a visual problem for the lifeguards or other beachgoers.

Pacific Beach Easyup Beach Tent Deluxe XL
Pacific Beach Easyup Beach Tent Deluxe XL

This is only our opinion. Do not take it as guidance.

Many of the rules at the oceanfront are in place to avoid "massive problems". The lifeguards and beach patrols are typically not there to "over-enforce" the rules and nit-pick. Your tent does have open sides that you can see through but probably does not meet the city requirement in the strictest sense. However, it is very doubtful that any beach patrolman or lifeguard would choose to make an issue out of it.

We hope this helps make your decision easier and as always...



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