Q: Are we allowed to set up the following specific shelter – Pacific Breeze Sand and Surf Beach Shelter?

Added Details:

The dimensions are 94.5 L x 94.5 D x 59 H and one side has a fixed panel that cannot be removed.

Asked by: Lincoln S.

Hi Lincoln,

I would recommend seeing our other articles regarding tents and canopies.  You can see related question on the right.

Due to that fact that there are many different arrangements of tents and canopies, it is a very difficult question to answer in such a black/white way.

Let’s just say this… the beach patrols and lifeguards are not there to ruin your vacation or to make life difficult for you. ?

I would personally say that the shelter that you want to take to the beach probably would be allowed 99% of the time and no one will say anything to you… as long as you are not affecting the others on the beach or the overall general safety of the beach.  For example, if you come down to the beach with that large umbrella (which you cannot see through) and decide to place it directly in front of another group of people (blocking their view and the enjoyment of the beach) or if you situate the shelter in such a way that the lifeguard cannot see clearly the activities that are going on around it then you might ahve a problem and be asked to remove it.

Many of the rules used in Virgina Beach regarding the beach iteself are just common sense rules.  As long as a visitor doesn’t abuse the privleges and doesn’t cause a problem for others around them, then most things get overlooked at the beach.

We hope this helps answer your question.


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