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Q: North end residential area question, birthday party planning and need to know if I can have a bonfire, canopy, hibachi grills, alcohol or night hours possibly shore fishing is allowed or not?

Asked by: Mellody N.


Hi Mellody,

No fires of any kind are allowed on Virginia Beach beaches.  You can see that answer here.

Are fires allowed at night on the beach?

Canopies and pop-up tents have also been discussed in the Ask a Local section.

Can I use a pop up tent at the beach?

and here

I would like to know if I can hold a birthday party on the beach. Can we set up a tent with tables for food while the kids play?

The North End of the beach… (greater than 56th Street) isn’t patrolled as much… and they might be more tolerant of tents and canopies… but not fires

Alcohol is not allowed.  We have a whol epage dedicated to that… Alcohol Policy in Virginia Beach.

You can also view our page on Fishing in Virgina Beach.

Unfortunately much of what you are asking is not allowed.  Virginia Beach is VERY protective of the resort area.  You might be able to “get away” with it in some remote beaches… like the North End, Chic’s Beach or Sandbridge Beach… but it still is not permitted.




Virginia Beach, VA

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