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Just like every other month of Summer in Virginia Beach, June is is filled with fun activities all over. There is a lot going on and that makes it hard to pick 5 things to do when you visit or live in Virginia Beach. It wasn’t easy but we were able to go through many different activities in Virginia Beach that can entertain you and pick out just 5 for you to try this June!

Moca Boardwalk Art Show

Everyone likes art, even if we have our own unique style. The Moca Boardwalk Art Show allows over 300 artists to exhibit their work for your eyes to see. Each piece of art is unique and the show includes many different styles and medias. The Moca Boardwalk Art show is happening June 16th and is carrying on through June 19th. That is 3 days of fun art to tour.

MOCA Boardwalk Art Show
MOCA Boardwalk Art Show

Party At The Pier

Who doesn’t like to party a little? Party at the pier is a beach front party with live entertainment, including music, food, and drinks. Siebert Reality has been kind enough to sponsor this party and they have guaranteed that it will be fun. There is nothing quite like a beach party! It is happening June 17th from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Family Great Adventure Series

Having fun with your family is one of the most important things to do in this world. The Family Great Adventure Series in Virginia Beach does just that. This adventure series contains activities that are fun for the family and works to connect them. Fun games start of the night and then it will end with a movie. You can find this adventure on June 23rd between the hours of 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

Family Great Adventure Series
Family Great Adventure Series

Hardee’s Latin Festival

Latin America has a very rich culture and this festival is meant to celebrate that. At this festival, you will see movies, food, music, dancing, and more. The festival is free and you can participate in activities like salsa dancing lessons or Zumba. This year’s festival is sponsored by Hardee’s. It starts on June 24th and continues on all weekend until June 26th. Activities are available all day for each day of the event.

Hardees Latin Festival
Hardees Latin Festival

A Visit From The Antiques Roadshow

One of PBS’s most popular television shows, antique roadshow is coming to Virginia Beach in June. This show is famous for showcasing people’s most treasured antiques. If you live in Virginia Beach bring your antiques to show them off, if you are just visiting stop by the Virginia Beach Conference Center to take a look at a wide variety of antiques. The Roadshow will be at the Virginia Beach Conference Center on June 25th starting at 3:15 PM. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time and to have your items appraised and for them to show up on the show check out PBS’s website and look for the Virginia Beach episode.


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