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7 Safe Ways to Vacation in VA Beach During the Pandemic

Last Updated: Friday, August 27, 2021 by Virginia Beach
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It’s been nearly one one and a half years since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. And most of the recommendations the CDC put in place last year are still in effect. Masks are either mandatory or recommended. Social distancing is necessary and you should avoid crowded places.

On the bright side, lockdown restrictions have eased and you can take a trip to Virginia Beach at any time. Of course, you want to stay safe during the trip. This article provides actionable tips on how to stay safe and have a delightful time during your vacation.

1—Travel by Car

Traveling by train or bus might be cheaper than driving a car. But during these times of social distancing, the ideal option is to use a private car. A car keeps both you and your loved ones away from crowded means of transport.

If you don’t have a car, you might incur higher than usual car rental costs. But you would rather fork the money than risk your health in a train or bus. That said, you can use public means of transport as a last option.

Consider calling for a cab or traveling through a bus company adhering to social distancing rules. If you live a bit far from VA, take an airplane. According to the CDC, flying provides one of the lowest chances of contracting the pandemic, at least compared to trains and buses.

That’s because airplanes have highly advanced air filtration systems that ensures there’s clean air at all times. That said, also play your part in wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from the people you’ll be traveling with.

2—Consider Camping or an Airbnb

KOA Campground in Virginia Beach

Camping has been skyrocketing since the pandemic started. Luckily, there are plenty of camping sites in Virginia Beach. Take First Landing Park as an example. It’s a huge 2,888-acre park with 19 miles of habitat, ponds and hiking trails.

It’s one of the most popular parks for campers with 200+ campsites. Look for safe campsites with fire and electricity. Obviously, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to First Landing. The False Cape State Park, and the Virginia Beach KOA Campground are ideal alternatives.

If camping isn’t your thing, the next safest option is an Airbnb. There’s a caveat: look for houses that haven’t been occupied for a couple of days. That’s because the virus can stay on plastic surfaces for 1-3 days.

Crucially, find out if the home owner is following Airbnb’s cleaning measures. It’s always reassuring to know that a renter cleans up their houses thoroughly. As an extra measure, carry your sanitizers and disinfectants to disinfect commonly touched surfaces like hardwood floors.

3—Consult a Travel Agency

Consulting travel agencies for domestic trips had been declining in popularity before coronavirus. But after the pandemic hit, travel agencies surged once again. The beauty of agencies is that you deal with professionals that research intensively to find the best deals for you.

We’re not talking about pricing alone. We’re also referring to hotel safety policies. This information isn’t always available. But an agency can help you find out which hotels have reduced capacity for safety reasons and which ones don’t have mask mandates.

The best part is that agencies do the entire vacation planning for you. They can help you find e campsites, look for amenities and make bookings so that all you need is to show up for your vacation.

4—Keep Internet Safety in Mind

With the pandemic devastating businesses and families across the world, it’s easy to forget about pertinent issues such as Internet safety. Yet, online safety should be at the top of your priorities during your trip to Virginia Beach.

Here’s why. You’ll probably use public WiFi in a hotel room, at a restaurant or airport. Public WiFi is prone to all sorts of cybercrimes: viruses, spying, phishing and scamming. The best way to protect yourself from cyberattacks is to use a VPN service. VPNs protect you by shielding your data from hackers. They also shield your IP address, ensuring you surf the web safely and anonymously.

With that in mind, consider installing an antimalware program on your computer. Sure, a VPN can encrypt your data. But you need an antivirus to scan and remove threats that might have already infiltrated your PC.

Another trick for browsing the Internet safely is by observing your digital footprint. Don’t visit just about any random website. Don’t click on links from suspicious websites or open files emailed to you by strangers.

5—Visit VA Beaches

Sandbridge Beach is home to many beach rental homes

Notice how we said "beaches" and not the singular form "beach". Virginia is home to tons of beaches and it would take you weeks to tour all of them. During this pandemic period, touring these beaches makes a lot of sense.

First, you don’t have to mingle with loads of people. Second, the beaches are gorgeous, calm and sandy. They are also located within a walking distance of the most popular hotels in the city.

Let’s start with Virginia Beach resort beach. It’s the main oceanfront resort beach and the most popular beach in town. It’s in close proximity to other cool things to see like to the city center, the First Landing State Park and the Chesapeake Bay. What’s more, it features a boardwalk that allows you to walk alongside the beach while admiring ocean views unfettered.

The second most popular beach is Sandbridge Beach. It provides a gateway to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the False Cape State Park. And in doing so, it gives tourists a chance not only to relax on the beach but also to watch the wildlife.

Other beaches worth visiting in VA Beach are the Colonial Beach, the Chesapeake Beach and the Cape Charles Beach. Take time to compare the beaches and their offerings. Or if you have enough time, tour each of them.

Your Turn

Unlike last year, 2021 is providing a safer environment for traveling the country. The pandemic isn’t over yet. So, as you plan for you trip to Virginia Beach, keep the tips we’ve shared above in mind.



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