A Personal Account: Sights and Sounds along the Boardwalk

Last Updated: Monday, March 30, 2015 by Virginia Beach

Sights and Sounds are Free along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk!

I took a stroll down the boardwalk the other day to take in some of the free sights and sounds. Some of the best things in life are free and that is one of the greatest parts about living or visiting the resort city of Virginia Beach. Start your adventure like I did at the very Southern end of Virginia Beach aka “The 1st St. Jetty”. My gosh there is so much history right at the very first street. As most of you already know it is the location for the longest running surf contest in the world The East Coast Surfing Championships. And years ago 1st St. was the home of “The Steel Pier” which has been replaced with the jetty.

When I am at 1st St. it is always fun to watch the surfers and bodyboarders shredding up the waves at “The 1st St. Jetty” and if you look over the opening of Rudee Inlet you can see the surf action going on over in Croatan.

1st Street Jetty Surfers
1st Street Jetty Surfers

Along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, Visitors and tourists alike can see all of the boat traffic coming in and out of the Rudee Inlet like the Charter Fishing Boats, the Pirate Ship, the high speed powerboat The Rocket, and so many other ocean going vessels including the jet-ski’s.

Now we continue down the boardwalk doing nothing but “People Watching”. As you approach 5th St you can see all the beach volleyball nets set up with some of the best volleyball players enjoying their sport along the ocean. Nothing is better than sports and activities along the ocean. And now you realize that this whole time a pleasant sea breeze has been blowing and you feel and smell the beach and ocean.

So now we continue along and we see people all along the beach having fun throwing frisbees, flying kites,laying out and just swimming in the sea. You get to about 14th St. and you can see the sights and sounds at The Virginia Beach Fishing Pier. Go fishing , check out the souvenir shops, or grab a bite to eat at Ocean Eddie’s.

Hope you enjoyed reading this short walk up only the first 15 streets of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  We will be posting another fun article about Virginia Beach very soon so ,..stay tuned!



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