Virginia Beach Sea Food – Why it is special

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Seafood is BIG in Virginia Beach… no correct that…. seafood is HUGE in Virginia Beach.  There are a lot of different places to get seafood throughout the Virginia Beach region.  Some people wonder why seafood is so popular here but anyone who lives in Virginia Beach or has visited before knows it is because the fresh fish in the area is some of the best that can be found.  Fishing boats go out and come back every day with supplies of fresh fish of all types. Fresh fish markets are stocked with fish that just came out of the boat!

If there is something with fish in it that you want, you can find it in Virginia Beach.  If you want a fish sandwich, fish and chips, fish tacos, fish fillet, Mahi steak or crab you can be sure to find it at a restaurant in Virginia Beach.  Even if you just want a fillet of fish cooked to perfection with rubs or spices you can find it at the beach. Don’t even get us started on the mussels, clams and oysters.  If it comes from the ocean, you can find it here in Virginia Beach, fresh and ready to eat.

Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant and Crabhouse is the perfect place to check out another coastal area of Virginia Beach and dine on award-winning seafood. Rated in the Top 21 Seafood Shacks in America,…so a must.

Virginia Beach is home to more seafood restaurants than you can shake a stick at.  If you want a truly unique and authentic seafood experience though you will want to go to a local restaurant.  There are many chain restaurants who have found homes in the area and while they may have good food their menus won’t be unique to the area.

Here are a few restaurants that recommends for great seafood.

  • Chops – it might be a high-end steak restaurant at the 31St Corridor but they have awesome seafood too!
  • 21st Street Seafood Raw Bar– A local’s favorite with great seafood, great drinks, atmosphere, and weekly specials.
  • Murphy’s Irish Pub – Don’t be confused not only is it a great Irish Pub but they some of the area’s best seafood
  • Lucky Oyster Seafood Co. – If you want oysters, this is the place to go!

Catch it yourself!

Backlash Sportfishing


If you want to make your seafood experience even more special at Virginia Beach you can catch your seafood yourself.  There are a variety of seafood charters and fishing experiences that depart from Virginia Beach that promise amazing seafood experiences.  You will get to feel what it is like to be someone who sets sea and catches various fish of all shapes and sizes. If you are experienced at fishing you can even fish at certain locations in the Virginia Beach area to cook at a rental house.

What it boils down to is that seafood at Virginia Beach is special because of the close ties to the fishing communities and the years that have been available to refine local seafood menus.  Fishing experiences can also make any seafood meal an experience.  To truly experience food in Virginia Beach you have to try a selection of the available seafood, as it is the food that the area is most well-known for.


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