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Some Things to Know About Virginia Beach and the Surrounding Area

Last Updated: Friday, October 21, 2022 by Virginia Beach
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What You Need To Know About Virginia Beaches

Virginia Beach history dates back to a time when Native Americans lived in the region for thousands of years before the landing of English colonialists in America at Cape Henry in April 1607.

When they landed, they set up the first settlement at Jamestown, it was a permanent settlement and was established a few weeks later after their landing. The colonial period lasted until 1776, when the American Revolution began.

The area automatically became part of the Commonwealth of Virginia since then. Since 1634, Virginia Beach has been part of the same government unit except in 1952 when 2 Square Miles was an independent city. Princess Anne County followed and was consolidated and re-united to form a city that was independent in 1963. From then, it has grown to become a city with one of the highest populations. It grew to become the Virginia Beach area we now know.

What Should I Know About Virginia Beach?

As a tourist, there are things you should comprehend regarding Virginia Beach. One of the major facts most tourists don’t know is that you cannot come with your pet to the beach. Most locals don’t like pets on the beach because it infuriates them every time. Virginia Beach holds the Guinness book record for being the longest beach in the world. The beach is segmented into various parts, such as Sand Bridge, Virginia, and Chesapeake.
Virginia Beach, which stretches for 3 miles, has a boardwalk that consists of restaurants, sports and fun activities for people of all ages. At the junction of 31st street, there is a big bronze cast statue of king Neptune and the famous Naval Aviation monument. It also has an aquarium and marine center, which showcases marine life displays in 800,000 gallons of water held in the museum.The first landing state park, located at Cape Henry, is a historical site where European voyagers first landed in 1607. It also has Cape Henry Lighthouse, a national historical landmark. Other museums include the Military Aviation Museum, which displays the remains of the first and second world Wars. Virginia Beach also has the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and the Children’s Museum.

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What Should I Know Before Moving To Virginia Beach?

One of the main facts you should know before moving to Virginia Beach is that it has a favorable climate, this attracts people to settle and move there since olden times. It is amongst the most populated cities in Virginia, with a population of 459,470; the population has grown since this population count as of the end of 2020. The area enjoys a humid subtropical climate with partly snowy and cool winters with humid summers. It consists of over 210 neighborhoods with parks and community parks within the city. The city also acts as a host for various festivals and parties at different times of the year. Virginia Beach holds sports activities such as beach soccer tournaments and surfing championships.

The beach is a fun-filled destination popularly known for luxurious hotels and resorts, which are very vast in number. It also has various outdoor activities to offer to the vast number of tourists who visit the region throughout the year. The city of Virginia is independent and does not fall under the legal jurisdiction of any county or state. Its location is in the southeastern part of The Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States of America. The area is also well connected by waterways, airways, and railways. All you have to do is to choose transportation means that best conforms to your desires, taste and convenience. The beach is also very popular due to its lively boardwalk, which ranked 5th in the USA in terms of the best boardwalk. The beach stands at 3.7 meters above sea level.

The area receives an average of 7.1 million visitors per year. It is a popular tourist attraction among American residents. It is ranked in the Guinness book of world records as the longest pleasure beach in the world. The beach is also very popular because of the various seafood dishes prepared at the resorts and hotels along the beach.




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