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3 Must-Know Tips for Booking Virginia Beach Accommodation Affordably

Last Updated: Friday, April 26, 2024 by Virginia Beach
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A vacation in Virginia Beach is a brilliant way to blow the cobwebs off your fun-loving self and find new adventures with friends and family, while the daily grind gets left far behind. And while you can go all-out on a no-expense-spared trip, this is also a destination that can cater to budget-conscious visitors.

The biggest outlay of any stay at VA’s best coastal location is the accommodation, so if you’re keen to reign in the costs, take the following tips into account when planning your trip.

Harnessing the Hidden Power of Plastic

Credit cards can be used to tap into all sorts of travel-focused savings—if you know how to read them. Specifically, the right credit card rewards can drastically cut accommodation costs, turning a standard stay into an affordable adventure. Here’s what you need to know:

  • New credit card offers often come with sign-up bonuses hefty enough to cover a significant chunk of your travel expenses. For example, hitting the minimum spend on a new card could secure enough points for several nights’ stay. This varies from provider to provider, so it’s worth reading up on Citi credit cards reviewed and weighing what’s available against rival packages to unlock the top offers.
  • Choose cards that offer elevated rewards on travel spending. Some cards provide 2x, 3x, or even 5x points per dollar spent on hotels and flights—so factor this into your booking.
  • It’s not uncommon for travel-focused credit cards with annual fees to offer complimentary hotel nights or statement credits as benefits—essentially paying for themselves, and then some!

A recent study found that 23% of credit card holders did not redeem any of their rewards in the last 12 months, so don’t leave money—or points—on the table when they could be funding your beachside retreat.

Taking the Off-Peak Path to Paradise

It’s financially savvy to beat the crowds and the prices by visiting Virginia Beach when others don’t. That doesn’t mean you need to shiver away in the depths of winter either, as the early Spring season between March and May, as well as the Fall period of September to November, represent great value and fall outside the busiest times. Here are some considerations for further off-peak accommodation saving:

  • The ebb and flow of tourists typically peaks on weekends, so aim for a midweek stay to take advantage of lower demand and correspondingly lower costs.
  • If you’re not one to shy away from a little weather roulette, winter months offer the lowest rates. Just pack a raincoat alongside your swimsuit—you might be greeted with sunshine or an invigorating gale!
  • Being spontaneous is another way to secure savings, with last-minute deals always worth looking for. Given that 53% of people surveyed in a recent study said that they had taken vacations to places they weren’t familiar with, it’s also an increasingly common strat, rather than a niche one.

Smart travelers track these patterns, know when to strike, and enjoy all that Virginia Beach has to offer—without the premium price tag.

Let Loyalty Programs do the Heavy Lifting

It’s not just credit cards that offer points and rewards for loyalty – as there are major hospitality organizations that have their own schemes to keep customers onboard. Here’s what to look out for in order to save on your stay in Virginia Beach:

  • Hotel loyalty programs are free to join and offer immediate perks, with well-regarded schemes such as Hilton Honors, World of Hyatt and Wyndham Rewards all stacking up nicely against one another – and all of these brands have properties in Virginia Beach too! Regular stays could net you free nights, room upgrades, or late checkouts.
  • Hotels often partner with airlines and car rental agencies. A survey by NerdWallet found that hotel points vary in value, with Hyatt leading the charge at 2.3 cents, while Wyndam is just behind at 1.2 cents—so cross-rewarding can amplify your savings.
  • Don’t overlook local Virginia Beach hotels with loyalty programs. They may offer a more bespoke experience or unique discounts for returning guests – and even if there’s not a specific program in place, being a customer once will often mean that you’re given access to exclusive offers in the future which could make future stays less of a burden on your bank balance.

All of this sounds great, but it’s worth remembering that you typically need to spend money in the first place to get loyalty rewards stacking up – so make sure you tap up any of the suitable schemes sooner rather than later, allowing you to accumulate rewards you can exchange for more affordable accommodation when you eventually book a Virginia Beach visit.

Final Thoughts

These tips for organizing inexpensive but high-quality accommodation in Virginia Beach can be applied to any of your other jaunts, so once you’ve had your fun in the sun and the surf, you’ll walk away with more than just good memories!



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