Skydiving is the Ultimate Thrill

Last Updated: Thursday, August 30, 2018 by Virginia Beach

There is no question in my mind that skydiving is the ultimate thrill. Why am I so certain? Well the thought of getting the feeling of flying like Superman or a bird is without question one of the most exciting adrenaline filled adventures you can take, in fact many folks have skydiving on their “Bucket List”. What if you happen to be scared of heights? Well, if you are afraid of heights you have nothing to worry about for skydiving. After about 2000 feet of climb it will all look the same. When you are in free fall you do not have the feeling of falling because there is nothing to tell you how fast you are falling. Think about it as driving down the interstate and looking at an overpass two miles away. You’re doing 100mph towards the overpass but it does not seem to be getting any closer until you’re right up on it. Same thing in skydiving, the ground is far enough away that there is no ground rush. It took me about 100 jumps before I could see the difference between 12000 feet, 7000 feet and 3000 feet.

So let’s get back to the best part about skydiving..What does it feel like.What does skydiving feel like? — Freedom. For 45 to 60 seconds there is nothing but me, the air and my friends. Flying your body in the sky is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. Flying and landing a parachute is a lot of fun too. I’d say it is kinda like driving a race car and landing an airplane all at once.

So if you are “pumped-up” for this ultimate adrenaline rush know as skydiving recommends you contact Skydive Suffolk at 757-539-3531 or visit their website :

The resort city of Virginia Beach is also proud to announce that in 2015 IFly will be opening which is the area’s first ever indoor skydiving attraction. Check back on this Fall when we have their information on the site.

Happy flying!




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