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10 Top Things to Do in Virginia for Students in 2023

Last Updated: Monday, July 31, 2023 by Virginia Beach
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University of Virginia Students

I suppose you are familiar with the adage “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” As a college or university student, it is advisable to take some time off to explore other interests in life, refresh, and take a break from the demanding learning environment. One of the most popular fun things to do is visit numerous places and enjoy diverse activities.

One of the best destinations to visit during holidays or on a weekend in the USA is West Virginia. There are numerous things to do in Virginia that will help you rejuvenate your energy as you relax and enjoy your leisure time. In addition to the numerous activities and tourist places, Virginia is reputable for its classy restaurants that offer a diverse range of services.

If you are looking for more appealing ideas to spend your holidays, consider making a trip to Virginia and enjoy the numerous beautiful scenes. In this article, we provide you with the 10 best things you could do during your trip.

Some Factors You Should Consider When Choosing the Fun Things to Do in Virginia

Before you embark on visiting Virginia to explore and enjoy numerous fun activities, there are several factors you should consider to avoid hiccups during your holidays. Here are a few of them.

  • Budget: One of the most important considerations is the amount of dollars you want to spend on your trip. You should plan adequately for your transport, food, accommodation, and other similar expenses. With a well-prepared budget, your trip will be smooth and enjoyable. We acknowledge that college students operate under tight budgets, making it vital to prudently plan for the available financial resource
  • The duration of the trip: The duration of your trip also determines the fun activities you want to engage in. For instance, if you want to visit different historical scenes, you might take several days or weeks, which will eventually impact your budget. Professional essay writers from CustomWritings paper writing service advise that working with them creates sufficient time for you to enjoy free time with friends and families.
  • Time of the year: The season also plays an essential role in determining the most appropriate activities. Weather conditions that are characteristic of different seasons determine the suitability of activities. You should time your trips during the weather conditions that support your preferred activities.
  • The experience you are anticipating: It is crucial to consider what you expect before you highlight the best things to do in Virginia. You don’t want to spend for the sake of it. Your holiday should be fulfilling and aligned with your needs. Determine whether you need beach experience, shopping, visiting historic sites, etc.

Here Are the 10 Best Things to Do in Virginia for College Students

  1. Enjoy the beautiful scenes: Virginia is one of the destinations you would enjoy the beautiful scenes across the four seasons. If you are interested in enjoying a serene environment as well as enjoying national and state parks, then think Virginia.
  2. Enjoy romantic treats: Maybe, you anticipate having quality time and experience with your partner as you take a break from academic work such as writing essays and attending virtual or physical classes. Virginia has numerous spots that will give an optimal romantic experience for you and your partner.
  3. Visit National Parks: One of the most common things to do in Virginia for students is to visit national parks. If you are in Northern Virginia consider touring Shenandoah National Park where you will enjoy wildlife and waterfalls among other endearing scenes.
  4. Visit Colonial Williamsburg: Another captivating activity you could try while on vacation in Virginia is taking a tour of Colonial Williamsburg. It is a great activity that will educate you a lot about the history of your country. For instance, you will gain a perspective on the lives of enslaved individuals.
  5. Take a tour of  Alexandria: We could say that Alexandria is a one-stop shop for everyone. It has almost anything that tourists could anticipate. For instance, you can shop or have romantic waterside dining options. It gives an experience you don’t want to miss.
  6. Visit Virginia Beach: it is an exceptional place with numerous restaurants that provide exceptional services to visitors. While you may not have numerous shopping options, it is destiny for you if you want to explore diverse foods and dining options as well as an unmatched beach experience.
  7. Explore Richmond: It is an ideal place for you if you love museums. In addition to the museums, you can explore different shopping and dining options as well as brewery scenes. Here you can try foods from different cultures including Japanese, Chinese among others.
  8. Explore theme parks in Virginia: Another popular activity you could enjoy in Virginia is experiencing theme parks. One of the most popular is Busch Gardens. If you want an experience of this theme park, you could add it to your Colonial Williamsburg schedule since it is approximately 5 miles apart.
  9. Tour Arlington National Cemetery: The cemetery is popular since it is the final resting place of over 14,000 veterans, including civil war fighters. You might not completely enjoy your trip to Virginia without visiting the place. You can explore the gravesite of President John F. Kennedy.
  10. If you are a wine lover explore Virginia: Another activity that past visitors recommended is sampling the different wines available in Virginia. The state is popular for growing quality grapes that are used to make exceptional wines. If you want to sample different wines, request the available tour guides for the most popular areas for optimal experience.

If your purpose is to take a trip to Virginia, make sure you adequately plan to enjoy the top ten activities highlighted above to enjoy your stay. Each of the activities provides a unique experience that you will remember for a long time. Past visitors recommend Virginia as the best destination for winding out and taking a break to refresh.

Final Thought

A college and university student’s life can be extremely busy, limiting your time for social activities and leisure. It might make your academic journey boring by doing routine things. For instance, you might be required to write an essay every day, attend classes, and so on. Taking time off will, without a doubt, replenish your energy and help you continue enjoying your studies. Virginia is a preferred destination because you can explore and engage in numerous activities with diverse positive experiences. Additionally, you can take a tour with your loved ones including children, since there is something for everyone. We recommend that during holidays or weekends, you take a trip to explore some of the highlighted activities.



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