Neptune’s Volleyball Tournament

Sep 28 - 29
9:00am - 5:00pm
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IT ENDED ON September 29, 2019 5:00 pm
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2 v 2 and 4 v 4 play heats up the sand as men, women, and coed divisions compete for titles on the oceanfront.  Hosted in cooperation with Volleyball Virginia, numerous skill level classes are available for entry.  Set and spike your weekend to a new level by getting your piece of the beach at Neptune’s Volleyball Tournament.

Games begin at 9:00am on both days.

Volleyball Virginia offers two ways to pre-register for this event – Teams can generate a printed entry form and mail in with a check or money order, or teams can enter on-line using a credit card.

For more information, please contact Volleyball Virginia at (757) 497-8282.



Women’s BB

1st: Jennifer Justice (Stephens City, Va.) and Kristen Larson (Winchester, Va.)
2nd: Grace Holroyd (Va. Beach, Va.) and Carlie Mariano (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: Allie Royal (Wilmington, N.C.) and Miranda Zwack (Wilmington, N.C.)

Women’s A

1st: Kendall Phillips (Va. Beach, Va.) and Michelle Urquhart (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Rachel Depagnier (Charlottesville, Va.) and Chasity Lacey (Charlottesvile, Va.)
3rd: Kat Kaminski (Va. Beach, Va.) and Alyx Davidson (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th: Rayne Manning (Va. Beach, Va.) and McKayla Knauss (Camden, N.C.)

Women’s AA

1st: TWINS Payton Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.) and Maddie Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Amanda Watson (Williamsburg, Va.) and Kari Peterson (Williamsburg, Va.)
3rd: Maddie Hart (Va. Beach, Va.) and Nadya Cortado (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th: Sam Julien (Va. Beach, Va.) and Heather Deming (Charlottesville, Va.)

Men’s BB

1st: Carson Strawbridge (Va. Beach, Va.) and Leandro Cortado (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Eric Weaver (Fredericksburg, Va.) and Mike Libeau (Fredericksburg, Va.)
3rd: Omar Arzo and Mike Perez (Fredericksburg we think)
4th: Chris Mohler (Winchester, Va.) and Adam Jones (Woodstock, Va.)

Men’s A

1st: Hal Turner (Charlottesville, Va.) and Kyle Homeyer (Charlottesville, Va.)
2nd: Daniel Kling (Norfolk, Va) and Davis Ellenberger (Richmond, Va.)
3rd: Michael Wakefield (Charlottesville, Va.) and Ben Melchers (Charlottesville, Va.)
4th: Mark Nelson (Locust Grove, Va.) and Tyler Hunt (Va. Beach, Va.)

Men’s AA

1st: Adreyune Husted (Va. Beach, Va.) and Kyle Gibson (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: TWINS Josh Conwell (Va. Beach, Va.) and John (AKA JD) Conwell (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: Eric Troshin (Hampton, Va.) and Tristan Scott (Hampton, Va.)
4th: Jamal Christian (Newport News, Va.) and Jonathan Cole (Hampton, Va.)

Coed BB
1st: Hunter “little bit of diet” Aebel (Va. Beach, Va.) and Michelle Urquhart (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Athena Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Donnie Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.)
3rd: Matt Bowman (Va. Beach, Va.) Bel Reyna (Norfolk, Va.)
4th: David Bowden (Va. Beach, Va.) and Vicki Schoenfeld (Raleigh, N.C.)

Coed A
1st: Kat “i just want to hang out” Kaminski (Va. Beach, Va.) and Jack “C-H-A-R-L-O-T-T-E-S-V-I-L-L-E” Deming (Charlottesville, Va.)
2nd: Taz Stacey (Tampa, Fla.) and Suzanne Lasseigne (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: Ben Melchers (Charlottesville, Va.) and Rachel Depagnier (Charlottesville, Va.)
4th: Alyx Davidson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Evan Ballinger (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed AA
1st: Amanda Watson (Williamsburg, Va.) and Josh Conwell (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Lois Prince (Chesapeake, Va.) and Mike Parsons (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: David Rodriquez (Va. Beach, Va.) and Roberta Costiglioia (Newport News, Va.)
4th: Heather Deming (Charlottesville, Va.) and Derek Delveko (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed 4’s
1st: It’s All About Glen (Gary Armstrong, Glen Canterbury, MJ Fama, and Ashley Sumner)
2nd: Zebra Cakes (Jennifer Justice, Kevin Matheson, Kristen Larson, Nick Matheson, Chris Mohler)
3rd: 3 Girls And A Goat (Scott Drew, Tanner Drew, Riley Drew, Sarah Thompson)
4th: Volley Llamas (Anne Shell, Leslie Delima, Robert Young, Jerry Bissell, Andy Aranas)


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