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Neptune’s Volleyball Tournament

Date/Time Venue/Location
Sep 26
9:00am - 5:00pm
On the Beach (32nd to 36th Street)
3200 Atlantic Ave. Virginia Beach VA 23451
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2 v 2 and 4 v 4 play heats up the sand as men, women, and coed divisions compete for titles on the oceanfront.  Numerous skill level classes are available for entry.  Set and spike your weekend to a new level by getting your piece of the beach at Neptune's Volleyball Tournament.

Games begin at 9:00am on both days.


Women's BB

1st: Athena Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Sarah Buchwald (Prince George, Va.)
2nd: Paige Shirk (Clear Spring, Md.) and Whitney Swapp (Clear Spring, Md.)
3rd: Brooke Leggiardro (Va. Beach, Va.) and Gabby Carr (Va. Beach, Va.)
4th: Mary Sasser (Va. Beach, Va.) and Diana Cheatham (Va. Beach, Va.)

Women's A

1st: Cindy Eckard (Charlottesville, Va.) and Alyx Davidson (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Chastity Lacy (Charlottesville, Va.) and Heather Zapf (Charlottesville, Va.)
3rd: Karena Swisher (King George, Va.) and MaryBeth Rowles (King George, Va.)
4th: Janet Lawson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Kelsey Deporto (Norfolk, Va.)

Women's AA

1st: Madison Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.) and Payton Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Lois Prince (Chesapeake, Va.) and Nicole Rossi (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: Heather Demming (Charlottesville, Va.) and Sam Julien (Cape Charles, Va.)
4th: Josee Vaillant (Va. Beach, Va) and Kelly Kennedy (Va. Beach, Va.)

Men's BB

1st: Donnie Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Brian Webb (Chester, Va.)
2nd: JB Dunmyer (Greencastle, Pa.) and Chris Whitten (Portsmouth, Va.)
3rd: Adam Jones (Woodstock, Va.) and Chris Mohler (Winchester, Va.)
4th: Jacob Burger (Hagerstown, Md.) and Cullen Croson (Stephens, Va.)

Men's A

1st: Evan Ballinger (Va. Beach, Va.) and Jack Demming (Charlottesville, Va.)
2nd: Ben Melchers (Charlottesville, Va.) and David Mann (Charlottesville, Va.)
3rd: Cliff Wingfield (Richmond, Va.) and Justin Seay (Richmond, Va.)
4th: Carson Strawbridge (Va. Beach, Va) and Titus Blackburn (Chesapeake, Va.)

Men's AA

1st: Neal Young (Va. Beach, Va.) and Joe Ulrich (Fort Lee, Va.)
2nd: Josh Conwell (Chesapeake, Va) and Eric Troshin (Hampton, Va.)
3rd: Jonathan Cole (Hampton, Va) and Jamal Christian (Newport News, Va.)
4th: Dana Cardenas (Va. Beach, Va.) and Joe Brady (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed BB

1st: Donnie Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.) and Athena Keene (Mechanicsville, Va.)
2nd: Andy Giedlin (Va. Beach, Va.) and Holly Rose (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: David Bowden (Va. Beach, Va) and Vicki Sue (Raleigh, N.C.)
4th: Chris Ackerman (Houston, TX) and Shelby Bloom (Houston, TX)

Coed A

1st: Chastity Lacy (Charlottesville, Va.) and Ben Melchers (Charlottesville, Va.)
2nd: Alyx Davidson (Va. Beach, Va.) and Evan Ballinger (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: David Martinez (Va. Beach, Va.) and Amanda Bologna
4th: Greg Farber (Va. Beach, Va.) and Jordan Rolince (Va. Beach, Va.)

Coed AA

1st: Josh Conwell (Chesapeake, Va.) and Amanda Watson (Williamsburg, Va.)
2nd: Neal Young (Va. Beach, Va.) and Payton Brunick (Va. Beach, Va.)
3rd: Heather Demming (Charlottesville, Va.) and David Mann (Charlottesville, Va.)
4th: Fritz Scheuer (Va. Beach, Va.) and McKayla Knauss (Camden, N.C.)

Coed 4's

1st: 2 Old Goats and their kids (Va. Beach, Va.)
2nd: Slumlords
3rd: Sean Wright, Katelyn Wright, Hunter Taylor, and Polina Bukina
4th: Kristen Forbes, Nate Bellows, Ashley Flondro, Harry Meija

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