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Q: What type of 4th of July Fireworks does Virginia Beach have? Where? Any suggestions for viewing – maybe a restaurant or bar?

Added Details:

Staying at Double Tree from 7/1 to 7/6 any other recommendations would be welcome.

Thank you


Asked by: David H.


The only fireworks display that Virginia Beach has is on the 4th of July holiday  is the Stars & Stripes Explosion

You can see from that page that they are located all over the oceanfront.

I would recommend staying at Courtyard Marriott South on 25th Street to get a good viewpoint.  Any balcony that faces the ocean will be able to get a great show.

Regarding restaurant viewpoints… it might be hard to see the fireworks from any restaurant… but most of the hotels have restaurant/patios that you can walk up to.

Ocean House on 19th Street is a good place to go or if you can get to the top of the Hilton on 31st Street (Sky Bar) that would be a really great perspective.



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