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Q: Is it ok to have dinner on the beach ie: special occasion with significant other?

Added Details:

Trying to plan something special with my girlfriend for her birthday. Just the two of us.

Asked by: Trevian W.


Hi Trevian,

The beach definitely makes for a great place for a special occasion with a significant other.

If you elect to have a small dinner on the beach you will want to definitely keep a few things in mind:

1) It is important to know what the weather conditions will be for the day you come to the beach. Since we are on the coast, it can often times get very windy. Make sure you can secure the items you bring to the beach.

2) As with anything you do on the beach, make sure that you are courteous to others (off-season gives you most of the beach to yourself) and that you do not use any type of open flames.

3) Some of our other requests about this same idea have even utilized some of the local restaurants that will deliver the food to you… on the beach.

4) Horseback riding is offered during this time of year and is a great date night idea. Click here to get info on Virginia Beach Horseback-

It is certainly not against any laws to enjoy a dinner on the beach… just be mindful of others, clean up after your event… and most importantly enjoy your time in Virginia Beach!


Virginia Beach, VA
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