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Skydive Suffolk

1200 Gene Bolton Dr Suffolk, VA 23434
(757) 539-3531

Region: Suffolk


Skydive Suffolk is the premier skydiving center in the Virginia Beach area and has been in operation since 1960. Skydive Suffolk is a USPA (United States Parachute Association) Group Member and has pledged to adhere to the USPA’s Basic Safety Requirements for students and advanced skydivers. Come and experience skydiving with Virginia’s best!

A tandem jump is the simplest way to enjoy the thrill of skydiving. Your adventure begins after a USPA -certified tandem instructor takes you through a brief training session. You will then board the aircraft and ascend to 13,000 feet. You and your instructor then jump out of the plane harnessed together in a special parachute system built for two people. You will fall for almost a minute and reach speeds up to 120mph. After the parachute opens you will glide through the sky towards the earth.

You can begin the ACCELERATED FREEFALL (AFF) program at Skydive Suffolk after completing your first tandem jump.  Training for your first AFF jump takes approximately 4-5 hours and includes aircraft procedures, the opening sequence of a parachute, emergency procedures, landing techniques, and practical exercises in body positions for exits and freefall. Following ground training, two instructors will guide you through the exit, freefall, deployment, and landing processes. After completing the first jump course, you can choose to continue training to earn your skydiving A-License from the USPA (minimum 25 jumps).

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1200 Gene Bolton Dr Suffolk, VA 23434
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