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The Bunny Hutch

1165 Jensen Drive, Virginia Beach Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(866) 488-4248
(866) 488-4248


Mon-Fri: 1pm-6pm
Sat-Sun: 11am-6pm

Region: South End, Virginia Beach


The Bunny Hutch Boutique was originally founded by six zookeepers as a way to raise money for other rescue animals in Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas by offering unique animal-made, sustainable products in exchange for donations.

Then, one day, some dropped off a few snakes who needed new homes… and then the story begins...

Today, The Bunny Hutch Boutique is just a small part of CLIMATES-Rescue, which has been called an “Island of Misfit Critters.” Dr. Maxwell and crew have rescued over 220 animals, and travel around Virginia attending events to teach others about the unique animals in their care, including a rare rhino rat snake smuggled to the U.S. in a man’s trousers, a tarantula found hidden in a teen’s closet by a very surprised mother, and countless other rabbits, rats, chinchillas, snakes, tortoises, raccoons, frogs, lizards, and other animals that have passed through CLIMATES-Rescue on their way to a fur-ever home.

The real boss here at CLIMATES-Rescue is Lord Roland Watson Beldon Maxwell VIII – aka Jr. – a continental giant rabbit whose father holds the record for being the biggest bunny in the world. Jr. was the runt of the litter, but now weighs in at over 25 lbs… and is still growing!

Jr. serves as animal ambassador for CLIMATES-Rescue and The Bunny Hutch boutique, where you can find items such as custom terrariums, animal artwork, and eco-friendly “sustainable swag”.

CLIMATES-Rescue and The Bunny Hutch uphold the same high standards found at large zoos and aquariums. You can stop by for a tour, which includes a backstage pass to watch the keepers work. Our special event space is perfect for birthday parties and other events – our critters will attend too, making the event especially memorable for your guests! Or book The Bunny Hutch RV to bring our animal education program to you!

Our ultimate plan is to open pet store-type shops offering rescued animals in retail areas, as well as indoor zoo facilities (“climates”) for those animals not readily available at your local regional zoo. Donate today to help turn this dream into a reality.

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1165 Jensen Drive, Virginia Beach Virginia Beach, VA 23451
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