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Q: I am visiting with my 9mo old grandchild the last weekend of June. Are there any children’s activities near Virginia Beach?

Added Details:

I have tried looking online, but I am not having any luck. I would be interested in church events also for children. Events maybe in local neighborhoods, etc.... just anything to get us out of the house and with other children.

Asked by: Gogo D.


Hi Gogo,

There are tons of things to do in Virginia Beach for children.... however a 9 month old child makes things a bit more narrow.

We would suggest the following things to do for a 9 month old:

  1. Grommet Island Park
    Simply walk to the southern end of the boardwalk and you will see a small playground/park that was built specifically for kids.  Even a 9 month old will have some fun things to do there!
  2. Family Great Adventure Series
    These are movies on the beach!  Various movies for kids are displayed right on the beach at 26th Street.  Usually a treasure hunt precedes the movie and then kids may actually get to meet characters from the movie.  Movies are kid oriented.
  3. Virginia Beach Aquarium
    The local aquarium is only 3 miles to the south of the oceanfront.  You can call an eco-cart and get there fast.  What kid doesn't like an aquarium?
  4. Captain Jack's Pirate Ship
    This might be a little too much for a 9 month old to endure, but there is a kids pirate ship that leaves from Rudee inlet at the southern end of Virginia Beach and travels out to sea!  Not sure if a 9 month old would be able to handle the journey but elementary school and middle kids would love it!
  5. Hunt Club Farm
    A petting zoo approximately 10 miles from the beach.

That is about all we can think of for such a small child.  Unfortunately we cannot think of any church related events going on at that time for young children that is near the beach.

We hope this helps you in your quest to entertain a young one!


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