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Barr’s Pharmacy

17th Street and Atlanctic Avenue Virginia Beach, VA 23451

757- 428-1211

Region: Oceanfront Central (11-25), Virginia Beach


I've been going to Barr's since I was a little boy. When I was a kid my Mom took me to Barr's whenever I skinned my knees or elbows (which was often). I took one of my very first dates to Barr's for a milkshake. When I was older I used to stop at Barr's to stock up for the weekend; beer, ice, sunscreen, smokes, sunglasses, and, um, "protection." Now that I'm older I take my nieces and nephews to Barr's so they can see what a REAL drug store looks like. Barr's is one of those places where they always seem to have anything you're looking for.


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