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Q: I want a hotel in an area near the beach but also somewhat convenient to the Farm Bureau Live concert arena. Can you help?

Added Details:

I've never been to VB so not quite sure how close everything is. Any information you have is appreciated!

Asked by: Ashley J.


Hi Ashley,

Unfortunately you are asking a lot 🙁

Virginia Beach itself is HUGE.  However the entire Virginia Beach Region is broken up into smaller regions.

For example, the oceanfront “tourist” region spans 40-50 blocks from the Rudee Inlet all the way to 40th Street and beyond.  That is where most vacationers are and that is where most of the action is.

Virginia Beach Oceanfront

The Farm Burea Live Amphitheater is over 10 miles away and far inland.  There isn’t very much around the Amphitheater becasue it takes up so much space and needs to be far enough from residential regions so that they won’t be disturbed by the concerts. There are no hotels that will give you easy access to both.  If you stay right in the middle, you now have over 5 miles to get to the beach and 5 miles to get to the Amphitheater which is not a good spot to be in.

Farm Burea Live

Our suggestion would be to stay at the oceanfront and take a Cab or Uber to the Amphitheater… or simply drive yourself!  Beware… traffic to the Amphitheater can be terrible depending on the popularity of the concert.  Give yourself plenty of time!


Virginia Beach, VA
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