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Saffron Indian Bistro

4532 Columbus Street Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Price: $$$$$

Region: Town Center, Virginia Beach
Cuisines: International / Other


At Saffron Indian Bistro, they are completely committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you walk through our door.
Each dish on their extensive menu is prepared to order using only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients.

They bring you a blend of traditional methods and modern techniques to serve you the finest Authentic Indian Cuisine. Our chefs are committed to make the food enjoyable with the right blend of spices & herbs to each & every delicacies. All dishes are made per your choice of spice level, to let you really enjoy your food. Mild, Medium, Medium Hot, Hot, Indian Hot. I imagine you are getting hungry at this point?

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4532 Columbus Street Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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