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Q: Where are the exact locations of the lifeguard stations on VA beach?

Added Details:

Is there a map of the lifeguard stations? We want to surf at 86th street but would love to know if there is a lifeguard station nearby for our kids..

Asked by: Philip H.


Hi Philip,

Great question!

It would be really hard to actually describe the lifeguard stations verbally, so we will use a graphic.

Please click on the following Map of the Virginia Beach Resort Area...

Virginia Beach Resort Area Graphic Map

You can see that the lifeguard stands are located every few blocks as indicated by the orange and yellow umbrellas on the map.

Surfing on the North End

If you are surfing up near 68th street (the "North End"), unfortunately you will be on your own.  There are no lifeguard stands that go up that far.  The lifeguard stations are limited to the oceanfront resort area (blocks 1 through 40) and also the Wyndham Hotel on 57th Street.



We hope this helps answer your question and as always...



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