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Q: What oceanfront hotel has the best pool?

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I have kids and they can't be on the beach in the sun all day.

Asked by: Sandy H.


Hi Sandy,

Quite a few of the hotels at the oceanfront have pools.  Rating the “BEST” pool is a little difficult because we don’t know your criteria.  Some hotels have indoor pools, some have outdoor pools and some have both. Additionally, some hotels have swim up bars attached to the pool while others have pools on the rooftop with a great view.  We will mention a few hotels here that we think have some pretty cool pools that your kids should love and also some that you will love.


  • Courtyard Oceanfront Marriott North
    Courtyard Marriott North Outdoor Pool
    Courtyard Marriott North Outdoor Pool

    This hotel is located on 37th Street and has both and indoor and outdoor pool.  The outdoor pool is probably the coolest at the oceanfront.  It wraps around the hotel and has waterfalls and rocks that make you feel like you are in a tropical safari.  Both kids and adults  will love this pool.  The indoor pool is nice and has a great view of the beach area.




  • Hilton Garden Inn
    Hilton Garden Inn Pool
    Hilton Garden Inn Pool

    The Hilton Garden Inn is one of the newer hotels and is located on 33rd Street.  It has a unique pool that flows from the outside to the inside of the hotel and is adjacent to the hotel restaurant Lagerheads.  The pool doesn’t have a great view of the beach, but it is a pretty cool pool nonetheless.





  • Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront
    Hilton Skybar Pool
    Hilton Skybar Pool

    This Hilton hotel is located on 31st Street and has a really spectacular pool… ON THE ROOF!  Yep. The Hilton has a restaurant/bar on the roof called Skybar and the pool is also located there.  It has a negative edge and allows swimmers to look down on the beach and ocean. It is amazing.





  • Turtle-Cay-Resort-Pool
    Turtle Cay Resort Pool

    Turtle Cay Resort
    OK, we are going a little “off-script” with this one.  This really isn’t a hotel, it is a resort area at 6th street and is 1 block from the beach.  It has hot tubs that overlook a pool area that is landscaped and designed to imitate a small tropical paradise.  It comes pretty close!  You will definitely feel like you are in an exclusive resort at Turtle Cay!



We hope this provides you at least a small guide for what some of the best pools are at the Virginia beach oceanfront.  Many other hotels have pools but many are indoors or don’t have anything interesting or exciting about them.  The pools listed above are the best pools at the Virginia Beach oceanfront!

Have a great day at the beach!


Virginia Beach, VA
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