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Music Genre: Americana, Rock, Soul

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Past Event
Thursday, December 12, 2019
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thursday, January 16, 2020
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thursday, January 23, 2020
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thursday, February 20, 2020
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thursday, March 19, 2020
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


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Me and Gina have the same birthday. And we're both in our mid 30s. Come hang out with us. Plenty of social distance in ballyhoos backyard! Perfect venue for the times.
This Friday. Tomorrow night.
The moon and stars hang out in bars just talking I still love that picture of us walking Just like that ol' house we thought was haunted Summer's end came faster than we wanted Come on home Come on home No you don't have to be alone
Playing in a couple different corners of the 757 this week. C'mon and hang out. 3/11 - The Vanguard Brewpub and Distillery (7:00) 3/12 - Froggie’s (8:00) 3/13 - Mason's Grill & Smokehouse (9:30) 3/14 - Grain (9:00)
Gigs this week: Ballyhoos 33rd Precinct Footers Sports Pub
Final Days to subscribe and get in the running to win a black and grey trucker hat. Just go to and fill out the pop-up. If you don't see the pop-up just subscribe on the footer of my site. Thanks again. I'll draw a winner and announce on my next newsletter (Feb 1).
I have 30 entries for the black and grey trucker hat giveaway. If I get 50 or more, I'll give away 2. Visit my website and fill out the pop-up. Or there is also a subscribe field at the footer. Ends on Jan 31. Get it in.
Fun rip of gigs this week. See you soon!
The Vanguard Brewpub and Distillery Willaby's Cafe' and Catering Mason's Grill & Smokehouse
Who else cries at the end of Cool Runnings when Junior's dad is in the crowd cheering with the Jamaica Sweater on? Every single time... What gets you there? Comment below. This oughta be good.
Visit and subscribe for a chance to win a black and grey jv trucker hat. Ends January 31.
Hey folks. I'm officially on Pandora now! If you don't happen to have Spotify or apple music you can still stream me alongside genre like Independent Artists on Pandora. If you are a Spotify user, following my profile and saving my songs to your playlist of choice is huge for being recognized by the Spotify algorithm. If the Spotify algorithm sees an uptick in my streams they may place me on a curated playlists with more followers exposing my songs to more listeners.
#2020 Let's start it together. Keagan's Irish Pub Bad Habits Wing & Oyster Bar Big Ugly Brewing QuirksVb
Join me Thursday night at one of my favorite gigs. Froggie’s #musicshometurf
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Wednesday July 8th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

I could never vote for Kanye West to be president. 4 years of a petulant, mentality ill egomaniac who's completely detached from reality was enough. Let's just go back to a standard model corporate bank and big energy shill and regroup until we figure out who's capable to really lead us into the future. #Biden2020 ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1296789230514768

At this point it's pretty much a lesser of two evils but I wish Dan Crenshaw would have decided to run an independent bid for POTUS. That said, there is no chance in hell I would ever vote for creepy Joe on so many levels it's not even funny. I feel like I need to take a shower every time I listen to him speak...

If you hate Trump you’ll vote Biden, not our best effort but I think it’s hilarious that people somehow think he’s as bad or worse than Trump... All of the people saying he’s a creep or losing his touch can’t be serious, the president we have now is a nuclear disaster

Yeah, I think one term of a rich entertainer in office is enough

Since Kanye is so Buddies with Trump it wouldn't surprise me if they had a deal together to do this to draw votes away from Biden. So hope that doesn't happen. Biden wasn't my first choice in the beginning either, but he's way more capable than what is in there now. ANYONE BUT TRUMP should be our motto. It worked against Hillary.

Anyone capable knows better than to take that job.

And you think its Biden? 😂 both candidates are ass wipes !

Sorry but biden is a puppet. Met u at gators couple years ago, youre a cool dude...but socialism, Marxism, NWO and deep state is NOT the answer. With Biden, thats what you will get. Another china. Another Venezuela . Sorry but i like my freedom, i refuse to be at the mercy of the govt. Democrats steal our money! They pocket it for themselves. How do you think they have all of their elaborate belongings? We, the people, paid for it! Im tired of busting my ass for them to not do a damn thing! They dont give 2 flying shits about us. Trump may be an ass, but at least hes real. He says what no other prez had the balls to say. Crass, yes. Rude, sure. But ill take him over a spineless, congnitively declined puppet any day. Just my 2 cents.people can trash me all they want for my opinion. I dont really care what they have to say. They dont work my essential job, they dont pay my bills, so its not of any importance to me. I said what i have to say and i stand firm. It will be what it will be. Peace n love✌💗

Biden has had what 50, 60 years in Washington 8 of those as VP, if he hasn't done it by now he isn't gonna. Two party system needs a shake up IMHO.

Sadly spot on.

Kanye is bipolar. Seems like a great idea. Let’s put him in charge of everything!

Go with creepy Joe. 🤣

Wow. Biden will not be president. The VP he picks will. Then they will raise your taxes open the borders cut all the oil jobs bring back obama care where you will be penalized for not having ins. The country will tank and the radical communists that are tearing our cities apart will continue because they want to dismantle our Government. I'm not kidding

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Wednesday July 8th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

For DECADES there has been a disinformation campaign, lobbyists and government complicit mechanisms in place to promote the eating of wheat, grains, processed foods and sugar! Think about it. Everything down to school lunches served to children in cafeterias. Sugary cereals specifically marketed to vulnerable working families who have to rush to work in order to make ends meet. Halloween! Easter! They're all in on it. Church and state. The government allows grocery stores to target low income families with easily affordable frozen pizzas. The FDA approves all these obesity causing foods to be manufactured and sold while ignoring the data. The good news is... It's not my fault I'm fat. It's not me who's personally responsible for my health. The world must adjust to my struggle. Whew... What a relief. I'm simply a victim of systemic obesity programming. I'm oppressed and demand that all restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations only provide healthy, whole food options. Furthermore, any brand, sports team or artist that has ever participated in making propaganda for oppressive agents of the system (i.e. Papa John's commercials and soda commercials) must immediately be stripped of thier careers for participating in the genocide of 300,000 people/year that die as a result of obesity. Anyone who has ever endorsed ice cream or pasta must be shamed. We must burn all the small business down in our neighborhoods that sell poisonous products to our communities. We must abolish all holidays that have programmed us to overeat calorie dense and sugary foods. We must continue to further widened the interpretation of what "fat shaming" and "bullying" is until our own friends and families are terrified to voice their concerns about our health. It's time to make a stand. Wow... Being outraged on the the internet and blame shifting is WAY easier than going to the the gym. THANKS FACEBOOK! Now pass the fucking doughnuts. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1296553897204968

Damn I think your onto something, where’s my fat reparations??

Let me get this straight: you're advocating mindless, no-thinking violence, right? Two things I'm GREAT at- destructive behavior and not thinking. Absolutely NO RATIONAL THOUGHT ALLOWED, RIGHT??? If so... I'm. Sooooo. Fucking. IN.

I recommend following the Food Babe also. She has researched this issue extensively. These companies send healthier versions of the packaged foods to Europe because Europe has higher standards than the USA. Another issue is all the hormones fed to live stock over the years that people then ingested. I lot of that has stopped but I’m sure it did plenty of harm to people when it was done

These rants are the best thing on social media right now! Thanks for all your musings...cant wait to read the next one!! 😀🤪

Remember when Anderson the spider Silva was sponsored by Burger King? Hahaha good times.

Have you ever read 'Fat Chance'

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Wednesday July 8th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

Meanwhile in Virginia Beach:

City planner 1: "How can we guarantee the remaining locals that still come to the oceanfront will stay away?"

City planner 2: "We can play smooth jazz through all the speakers in the streets. Like as if you were in a department store in 1992."

City planner 1: "Yup... That should do it. Make it happen."
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1296167807243577

This post reminded me of the time when my guys and I dropped in on your set at Craft 31 and you said to the crowd that it was the first time in history that a jazz band actually livened up the place. 🤣

Wait is that what I heard this morning?? I thought maybe it was Symphony by the Sea practicing or something. I actually kinda liked it. But it was a bit loud.

Please explain #1 to me.... you can’t pay me enough to go near that place in the summer!!

Hey! I like smooth jazz! But even that is not enough to get me to go to the Oceanfront in the summer. Mary and I DO miss seeing you, though. Maybe we can get you over for dinner soon.

That would actually bring me back

Jacob are you playing around Shore drive this weekend?

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Saturday July 4th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

The Fourth of July
I'm a Northerner living in Virginia, watching the Japanese season of Queer Eye, drinking homemade sweet tea and eating venison while being a fan of the second amendment AND universal healthcare. I believe all these new additional made up pronouns to describe gender are kinda bullshit AND gay and trans people should be able to marry whoever they want. I've been completely sober from all drugs and alcohol for 12 years AND believe in legalizing Marijuana. I believe Trump's presidency looks completely average on paper based on legislation AND that his leadership style is poisonous. I've voted both democrat and republican in local and national elections. I have friends of all different colors, religions, sexual orientations and political beliefs. I'm a fan of Dr. Dre AND Townes Van Zandt. I think strong boarder control makes sense and isn't racist AND children born and raised here under no control of thier own should be granted citizenship if they have no violent criminal history. On this forth of July, consider that we all don't have to be one thing determined by the the team we like the most. In fact, through my lens that looks rather UN-American. Consider the dangers of filling your social media feeds with only people who's beliefs match yours and limiting yourself from being exposed to someone who thinks differently than you. My liberal friends... If you're going to claim to be the team of diversity and inclusion, also be welcoming when it comes to diversity of ideas and don't hastily cop out and label something as racist or hate speech if you simply disagree. That mechanism will surely dilute real instances of those toxic practices. Conservative friends... Trump may have been brilliant to coin the term "Fake News" but he failed to include Fox in the category. They're a media corporation with the same agenda as any other. "Make money by selling ads." I promise they do not have your interest or the country's interest at the core of thier mission. It very much resembles cult like programming. Kinda like the cult you detest on the radical left. In fact.... Exactly the same. Happy Fourth of July. Just for today... Let's all enjoy our delicious, poisonous, tasty, diabetes causing foods as one United Nation together. Then we can hate each other again tomorrow.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1293304444196580

Yeah. I dreamers were taken here very young. That's right. Thanks for that! I knew that but in the moment my fat thumbs were just tying away like some kind of Manchurian Candidate automatic writing shit.

This... can I steal this? Imma steal this... this is important shit here.

I personally have a strong belief in the fact that our founding fathers were incredibly wise men who wrote what they wrote and ratified it for very good reason and that we should not be bastardizing it to gain political power over those with opposing views. A perfect example of that is attempts at abolishing the Electoral College. It is designed so that the people living in Wyoming have the same say as people living in New York City. But there are many who are trying to change that such that people who live in dense areas have more say over what happens in our country than those who live in rural areas. The Electoral College concept is not a partisan politics approach, that's an equal freedom and liberty approach.

If you're born here, you ARE a U.S. citizen. That's how it works, regardless of whether you're parents are citizens or not. An "anchor baby" is a child born in the States to parents who aren't citizens. Not to be confused with dreamers. For clarification.

Super thoughtful. I think that people think “thoughtful” means doing something nice for someone. I think it means full of thought. You have a sincere perspective. It’s not one team or the other. We don’t have to just pick one side.

I kinda figured that; you try to be well-informed. There are waaayyy too many who don't, and that's how the disinformation train gets started.

*border 🌮 🤣

Townes is the best ! I do a whole bunch of his tunes !! 🙂

I love Townes

Thats the kinda thinking we need

Miss your musings.

The difference between yourself and what seems to be the vast majority of others is critical thinking and taking the time to be educated on individual issues. It takes much less time and effort to side with a team/ political party, agree with every position your "team" puts out, and object to everything that comes from the other side of the isle. I believe that's contributing to the polarization and " tribal politics," and deepening the divide between the citizens of this country. I appreciate you posting this, and although I don't agree with all of your positions on everything you laid out, I have much respect for your opinion; I know it's your own.

Well said Sir




Imagine if we could all meet in the middle somewhere?

Who dis? 🤣

Sweet rant, brahhh. Almost read the whole thing!


😂 and 😢 happy 4th 🇺🇸

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Thursday July 2nd, 2020

Jacob Vanko

I love when I have the universal Healthcare conversation with soneone and the first thing they go to is "Countries that have universal healthcare have waiting lists!" Well I have private insurance and I'm on a waiting list right now. And this isn't the first time. Our waiting lists are a result of complex network criteria because our insurance only works for certain doctors in certain places. And that often gets changed around. So the awe and wonders of the allegedly perfect free market are whittled down from hundreds of choices to a measly handful of care providers which happen to be booked for months... Boom. Waiting list. How about when people that need organs or major surgeries are on literal waiting lists? Next is the "How do we pay for it?" funny how congress doesn't ask that question when Wall Street comes knocking for trillions of dollars in bailouts to cleanup after thier unsavory and unethical business practices... And how is that the free market btw??? And finally we come to: "All the best doctors want to work HERE... in 'Merica!" Yeah... True... But not because it's the best healthcare, but because it's the best at being corrupt. Since we turn patients into customers and treatments into products, it's easy to get rich as a doctor here. And wanting a BMW shouldn't be the incentive to want to be a doctor. It should be a calling and a passion rather than a pathway to a yacht. If someone ran on universal healthcare, repealing citizens united, closing corporate tax loopholes and ending gerrymandering they'd have my vote no matter what party. But both the Dem and GOP establishment benifit from all these devices that are destroying America so it'll never happen... I hear New Zealand is nice. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1291854317674926

I remind them that 32 of 33 western countries have universal healthcare. Those were not irrational decisions made by 32 countries.

My friend from Canada loses her mind when people say there are waiting lists in these countries. Her father is in his 80s and has had several heart procedures—no waiting—no lack of testing due to his age. About 5 years ago my friend’s came to visit her in PA. He broke his hip. A nurse was flown here to fly back with him to Canada.

Living in NYC for over ten years at this point as a musician and having friends from places all over the world. I have never heard anyone from Canada, Europe, or Australia complain about their home’s healthcare system. Not once. Only how bad and broken our system here is. In fact I know a lot people that got the fuck outta dodge, knowing if they got sick here, they would be at the mercy of the US healthcare system. Can’t say I blame them

Canadians LOVE their health system.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I could have said it A LOT angrier, though...

Why I use Patient First as my PCP.

New Zealand is wonderful!



Drs on plan not taking new patients. Cannot get an appt for months.

if anyone contributing to this feed are too stupid to see what is happenning every single day . .. YOU are a FOOL!

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Sunday June 28th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

Covid spikes hitting all over the country again. I'm like most people bitching about arbitrary rules and procedures. But now looking at what's going on... Politics aside... It might be a good thing our governor is a doctor. Not everyone will agree and that's fine. Just my own little observation. Hope everyone is wearing masks while indoors and still obsessively washing hands. But also... Get outside! Kayak! Hike! Sunshine. Be safe everyone. 🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1288818727978485

Absolutely. People complain he's going slow, but he's the governor in the country that's a doctor. He has some faults for sure but I'm glad he's taking his damn time.

It's all about control...

I’m wondering how much of NYC’s success in containing spikes is due to people being diligent with masks and social distancing (for the most part), or the fact that we are fairly far behind almost every other city in the US in reopening procedures. Time will tell. Stay safe, man.

My stores in the Fairfield area ask people to wear masks, and 95% are. Other VA Beach neighborhood stores, not as good with compliance.


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Friday June 26th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

Sam Harris podcast and meditation app is so on point. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday June 12th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

Antifa is a terrorist organization. They're distorting the narrative of the peaceful black activists. Several factions of protesters are in play and I'd bet that plenty of foreign agent provocateurs are in the mix to sew discord. Antifa is behind the "defund and abolish the police" slogans. If anything we need to give police more funding for higher quality vetting and training programs. Every police officer should have a degree in psychology and should have mastered training in crowd de-escalation tactics. If you are unhappy with the police in your city or town maybe put down the signs and bullhorns, pick up a book and go be a good cop. Be the change from within the system rather than the antagonist on the outskirts. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1275943319266026

Giving MORE FUNDING to American cops is the most absurd thing I've heard. Have the LAPD sell their grenade launcher. Antifa (anti fascist) is a distributed movement, not an organization, so of course you will see inconsistent human behavior.

Agree 100% Jacob. Education is key!!!

Some good ideas here.


Good advice in this song. I could see y'all doing a cover like this.

Ironically, road tripping and guess who is on my shuffle?

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Thursday June 11th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

As many of you know I have a pretty nuanced view of most things political. I don't pick a side and give my blind, unwavering loyalty according to whatever 24 hour propaganda channel I watch. But I gotta call bullshit on this whole "Confederate monuments are part of our lands heritage" nonsense. This an utterly obtuse argument for 2 critical reasons...
First off. The Confederacy was a rogue, treasonous insurgency that went to war with The United States and lost. You see any monuments of other past wartime enemies displayed in public squares? I never saw anything honoring Stalin's generals or Bin Laden's dead operatives... You want to put a monument up to depict General Lee? Cool... Carve one of him bending the knee and handing his sword to Grant in failure and shame. Now that's honoring American history. Or better yet we can really pay homage to the land and erect Native American monuments in every town square across the country. But we like to forget about that whole thing...
Secondly. These monuments were mostly erected years after the war during the Civil Rights Movement of the 50's. They were also mainly commissioned by locally elected KKK. They were NOT constructed during the era of the confederacy. They were unabashedly installed to intimidate and frighten black communities in the post Jim Crow era South.
Look I don't believe there's a system in place to deliberately hinder the progress of black people in America and a lot of people will disagree with me on that one including friends I love dearly. I truly believe with good decision making and hard work anyone can rise to the highest office and be a corporate bank shill like Obama. But it only takes common sense to do the math on the confederate monuments. If I was a black man and there was an epic symbol of a pro slavery, white supremacist enemy of America in my town Square... Yeah that shit would probably set me on edge. And let's not forget most of these communities have lobbied through the proper, legal channels for years to kindly ask for the monuments to be removed. Well after being ignored time and time again they aren't asking kindly anymore. Although I don't agree with destruction and violence, I totally understand the psychology of why they're getting torn down. I hope I have friends and fans on here that agree and disagree with me on stuff. We can't all think alike. Humans are way too complex for that. We can have constructive and enlightening conversations and maybe learn from people who think differently than us. That is the real American Experiment. I love you all.
Tune in next week for: Guns aren't responsible for mass shootings. Our obsession with material wealth and shitty parenting is.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1275431149317243

Why not just put these statues in museums where people can learn the good and bad history this country has endured ,,not displayed in Public Squares and in front of Government buildings!

I'm fine with not having them for whatever good reasons we may have as you state. The issue I have is the unfettered destruction of property while the police stand by and watch. I started getting worried a few years ago when the Mayor of San Francisco defied federal law by declaring his city a sanctuary for illegals. Not gonna debate that topic but I'd just prefer that we change laws rather than just ignore them. Some may call for anarchy but you better be careful what you ask for. There is a reason all civilized societies have rules.

Great post. I was stationed in Germany and Belgium for 7 years total. Germany has many statues dedicated to their veterans but they do not display nazi signs or glorify them. They are somber and transmit regret. Germany’s is very careful to not call these places “museums” rather documentariums.

YEA!! .. and well stated! .. till you got to the gun part at the end.. hope you’re doing well and hope to hear you soon!

This is the part I don't like about Facebook. I concur with most of your assessment but, IMHO, this is a discussion/debate best had in person in real time. I actually had a slightly differing opinion but you did sway me with some of your points. I don't like the disregard for law and order. No one can change history. It's all about opposing views and the discussion that leads to a mutual understanding. Our biggest problem is most people can't have this conversation.....

I LOVE this! You must have had a good social studies, English, and communications teacher!!! You are so articulate!!!!

This is about removing all forms of nationalism for the ushering in of their NWO. Once you figure it out, all pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

There is and has been a system in place that has deliberately hindered the success of black people. You cannot make up for decades of school segregation, underfunding, redlining, inability of our grandparents and great grandparents to build wealth in order to provide many black children with the leg up that many whites were afforded. You seem to imply that hard work will make up for those limitations. You might want to read The New Jim Crow. It might open your mind a bit.

This is something you’ve obviously thought a lot about. You are so right about the monuments needing to go. Thanks for posting this.

Karen, I admire you for the way you addressed this. Each one of us has our own opinion, right or wrong. It’s called Freedom of Speech!!

Well said. In Germany it is against the law to show a Nazi flag so when the Nazis march they fly the confederate flag.

Sorry I can’t read your posts but I love to hear you sing Hallelujah. Be safe & happy!

I had to break out the ole dictionary slash thesaurus lol but very well written. That couldn't have been said better.

Thank you! I think you have some great thoughts.

Yankee go home.

Well put Jacob


I. Love. U.

Vanko, you okay with getting rid of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison statues too, since they were white slave owners?

Here’s how it’s done.

Yes, we do see those monuments. There are also Native American monuments.

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Tuesday June 9th, 2020

Jacob Vanko

The small group of brick tossing, jewelry snatching looters aren't the only opportunists capitalizing off the tragedy of George Floyd's murder. They are merely extracting pennies on the dollar when compared to the opportunists wearing suits and ties in government committees and network TV board rooms. There may vary well be a lot of overdue, positive change that happens in the wake of this darkness. But this televised crime is quickly turning into more of a grotesque ratings grab for corporate news networks and advertisers. All these politicians wouldn't have given George Floyd the time of day until his death became a vehicle for them to have thier viral, mic drop moment trending on YouTube. Thousands of under-funded, under-paid, under-appreciated, nameless community organizers go happily unrecognized as they break thier backs for inches of headway against a tirade of crime and seemingly insurmountable opportunity deficits in the most dangerous communities in our country. Meanwhile Al Sharpton shows up in these communities on the heels of tragedy with television crews, wearing a $5,000.00 suit while talking about Jesus. This alleged time for great change in our culture all looks suspiciously like same ol 'merica to me. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 141338376059865_1273672816159743

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

$$$ I'm not $$$ sure $$$ I $$$ understand $$$ what $$$ you're $$$ trying $$$ to $$$$ say.

Got to love all the Corprate virtual signaling as well

Totally agree !

Well said Jacob Vanko


I like you.

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