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The following tabs are for a few of the best social networking groups on FaceBook for locals in Virginia Beach.  You can come here and see all of the recent posts and images from people who have lived and loved everything about Virginia Beach for most of their lives.  Thank you to the group administrators and creators for providing the groups!

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I Grew Up In Virginia Beach is the largest, longest running and most popular Facebook and internet social venue for sharing great memories of growing up in Virginia Beach. This is a family oriented group, so we ask each member’s cooperation in keeping content fun and positive. When you join I Grew Up In Virginia Beach and participate in this group, you also agree to RESPECT each other, the memories shared here, the group’s vision, our hometown and the administrators.

I Grew Up In Virginia Beach was created by Paul West in late February of 2010 with the following vision which remains the same today:

“I Grew Up in Virginia Beach is about reconnecting with long lost friends and bringing back great memories of growing up in Virginia Beach. It is a network for those who spent time in Virginia Beach – ‘back in the day’ looking to ‘log’ some of the history of those youthful days you enjoyed in Virginia Beach.”

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Monday June 10th, 2013

Chris Brissette

does anyone remember "stars" that club fir 18 and younger .back in the breakdance days..lol ... See MoreSee Less


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i cant believe no one remembers lol

Hahaha yeah was there often!


You had to be between 11 and 19, they weren't supposed to let you leave before closing but the lady t the front used to let me leave to go to parties.

lol i learned how to slow dance there lol

That place was awesome!

where was it located?

heck i firgot..i think it was near pembroke somewere if i remember right

Behind FX on Clevland st., had a blast there

Loved it

I loved that place! Love the break dancing there.

Saw some good punk bands there!

yES! My friends and I would dance so much we would be soaking wet. Billy Idol, Shannon, Duran Duran...good times :0)

Sears had lots of bands too. Including some awesome punk bands and local band

Yes! Every weekend! Lol

I was there, not often.

Holy shit ya i used to go with my 2 sisters

Yes, remember that well


I was a PIMP their

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Monday October 24th, 2011

Barbara Baker

Do yor prefer Pollards chicken of KFC? ... See MoreSee Less


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Pollards !! Greasy hands down for the chicken and sticky hands for the honey on those little fried biscuit thingies! It's always a must do for my family when we travel back home from the places where we reside now. The only thing I despise is that I'm now old enough to get senior free iced tea. :p

Pollards is the best from gizzards to chicken

I have given up meat, but Pollard's was the best, as I recall. Still love the Puffs with honey, though.

Pollards is the best around!

Pollard's, hands down!

Pollard's! I worked there in my senior year at Cox, and my daughter worked there during her senior year.

Pollards boneless chicken tenders yum!

Pollard's is the only place that can make chicken breast juicy.

Phil, I hear you, and do agree that such freebies are indeed blessings. My virgin senior treat was a nice iced tea at Pollards and obviously it made an impression on me.



Love gizzards at Pollards!

Pollards, of course ...


Pollards any day!!!

god i miss pollards !!!!

Pollards but have none in Los Angeles

Pollards hands down.

Stop putting up food threads!!!!! I will weigh 300lbs or have to quit this site-still haven't stopped eating or making subs since the Zero's post!!!! Only kidding-not about the subs tho...........But I do exercise on a daily basis!!!!

Pollards and don't normally eat at KFC anyway - there are local places where are live on the Eastern Shore that have better food than any national chain....

Pollards, always



Pollards chicken and puffs n honey! Gonna hit them when I come back to visit next month!

Golden Skillet I dare to be different!

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Monday February 19th, 2018

Erik Moore

There used to be a horse track on the 5-mile stretch near the courthouse end - across from the Sawyer farm and what is now the golf course. Anyone know anything about it? When it closed? It's name? Etc.?
AND, there used to be a racetrack (cars) down somewhere on Princess Anne Rd near what is now Kempsville. Not sure if it was the pre-Nascar type or what... Anyone know anything 'bout that one?
... See MoreSee Less


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Chinese Corner ?

Creeds there was a race track down Princess Anne

Not legally, but the 5 mile stretch was often used as a "race track"!

At one time there was a horse track behind Willis Wayside near Stinhiblers Restaurant

Aldo farms was the race track for horses

Darwin is correct! I don’t remember where I saw them but there are some pictures of the old race track that were posted images on the web. It was also one where the farmers market is on the corner of Landstown Road across from Princess Anne park. The next time you see Darwin ask him if he remembers when the feds blew up the stIll on Beggars Creek behind Loyd Murdens Farm that faced Charity neck Road

There was a dirt track behind my house when I was little. We lived va beach blvd. it later became GEX and owned by the city. Where we lived I believe is owned by Nolan plumbing co

I don’t think you can go 500 ft on the “5 mile stretch” anymore without hitting a stoplight!

There was a racetrack at Chinese Corner the likes of Fireball Roberts and Ned Jarrett racing there. The horse track was down Princess Anne Road. The drag strip was at Fentress Field as late as 1982 - my brother used to race there and I remember seeing Don Garlits run there, too.

Don’t forget Creeds drag strip at the old oceans aux field. By the way the Pungo or for your mom to the Army air Corps when it was built we used to play in The barracks . They used to hold some races there some drags and some slalom course MGs and Austin Healey‘s and the like.

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Sunday February 18th, 2018

Jennifer Lamm Davenport

Was it Hagan’s Seafood that was on the corner of Witchduck rd & Princess Anne that had the big lobster mural on the bldg? ... See MoreSee Less


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I remember Fass Bros . was on the corner of Kempsville and Va Beach Blvd

Yes, it was.

I remember hagan seafood

If anyone has an old picture of the bldg with the mural I’d love to see it😍🤓

Wednesday January 17th, 2018

Cobi Allen Eernisse

How about the Mcdonalds on VB Blvd between Malibu and Thalia? No inside sitting and Ronald was always there! Usually one of the high school boys. ... See MoreSee Less


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At Lynn Shores Drive? I remember inside tables there. It was the oldest McD's on the east coast until it moved to its current location at Birchwood....

OK, on fast food...how about the Taco Bell on Kempsville Road, with the fire pit and no inside seating, either? Navy family - we moved to VB from San Diego and it was our first Taco Bell outside of SoCal. 15c tacos!

McDonald's at Lyn Shores started out small with no inside seating, then expanded with inside seating. I remember getting a free Big Mac for saying what it was made of, 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle on a sesame seed bun.

I remember when it opened in the early 60’s. I lived in Birchwood.

Monday August 15th, 2011

Joe Octavo

Hagan seafood on princess anne @ witchduck rd ... See MoreSee Less

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Was that the place with the big lobster mural on the side of the bldg?

I've never heard of that place.

Hagan's seafood wasn't around for long it was in he 2 story building that used to be the original kempsville fire station

Saturday February 17th, 2018

Mike Groves

Remember Julius 's at the beach. Around where Harris tetter is now? ... See MoreSee Less


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Yep and the parking lot would flood like crazy when it rained !

Tuesday February 13th, 2018

Patrick Dreelin

Does anyone remember a NY- style deli in Pembroke Mall back in the 70's called Lindy's? My dad would take me there on occasion for lunch. Its where I had my first cream soda. It was a few doors down from where the Orange Julius and Tobak Ltd. was located. ... See MoreSee Less


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sounds like a nice place i only remember the woolworths diner at that location

I remember it.

Worked there on and off as a bus boy/dishwasher 1973/74 paid 1/hr cash

Loved it! Remember it well!

It was great. Sliced dill pickles. Potato pancakes.

I remember it....sailor sandwich and best potato salad too....👍🏼

My sister worked at Wilner's and I worked at Sears. We would eat lunch there every Saturday. We loved their salads. They had a lunch counter.

I worked at the Mall I ate there just about every day. I loved that place <3

Best cheesecake.

Yummm Pastrami & Swiss on Rye hot off the grill

Loved it!!

Yes. I remember

Great place!

My mom and I went every Saturday.....we moved here from New York and it reminded us of home!

Best Chef Salad in the world!!

yes! great place- Lindsies or Lindsys ?


Yes, when my parents would visit us, my father loved going there getting his corned beef on rye.

Of course, I worked at Cameraland gifts, one of the corner stores in the middle of the mall, we went there for lunch almost daily!!

Yes. My Mom loved their cheesecake.

Lindeys I worked there

I remember! When my grandparents from Brooklyn came to visit we went there and it’s where I first had cream soda, too!

We went there all the time....their pickles were amazing

Worked there during a couple of my high school years. Best cheesecake I've ever had.

Yeap...the best

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Thursday February 8th, 2018

Sheri Colbert

Does anyone else remember visiting on a field trip an "Indian Reservation" near where Town Center stands today, back in the mid 60's, or are the 70's fogging up my brain again ?? ... See MoreSee Less


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Red wing park use to have pow wows

Yes! My Boy Scout troop took us there a few times. It’s pretty much near corner of Columbus and VB Blvd.


Used to ride motorcycles thete


It was the coolest place ever to visit.

Sure do

Yes! We went there on a field trip in 4th grade. Fun place! The Indian boy who lived there was in my 4th grade class, I remember he had very long hair that reached the middle of his back.

Went there on a field with my classroom, and they weren't real Indians either

The guy and his wife ran the operation for years and just dressed the part

It was across from Pembroke mall where cobstutiob Dr is now

Constution Dr I mean, and it closed in early 1968-1970

Jean Waldorf Black this is so great! I went here as a kid!

I went to summer camp there !

Yes! I used to talk about all the time and no one knew what I was talking about except Steve Klimczynski.

I remember going there!

I raced motocross there in 1974.

I remember going there too. So hard to believe it was ever there.


It warms our families hearts that so many people remember Skicoak. It is dear to our heart. And yes we have native american blood. Its pretty far back in the colonies, but there. It was a great way to live my teen years.

It was on the railroad tracks


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Thursday February 15th, 2018

Chris Brissette

Green run 1989,skipping lunch ..hallor ... See MoreSee Less

Thursday February 8th, 2018

Kyle Brown

Who went to the old Kellam High school? Which is now PA middle. ... See MoreSee Less


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Class of 80

Class of 1979.

Class of 95

Class of 1980


Class of 75! Cindi Reich Potter

That just made me feel old 😳

Class of 09

My hubby, class of 69

Class of 85

Me 1963

What i grad.89

A whole lot of people

my husband Marty Guillette

Class of 2001

me 79

Toth was my maiden name 1980

Class of 1975.

Me, ‘03

Class of '84

Me class of 81 and my son Mason Green 2006 - 25 years apart - great memories


Dreann Murphy my long lost friend 😌

Class of 94.

Class of 81

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Tuesday February 13th, 2018

Christine Lewis

Hi everyone! I am on the board of the Virginia Beach Chorale and we are celebrating our 60th anniversary this year. I was wondering if any of you had any photos of the Chorale that could share with me? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

Tuesday February 13th, 2018

Nancy Sheppard

Hello! As some of you know, my name is Nancy E. Sheppard and I am a historian, nonfiction author, and the local history columnist for Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post. I am putting the finishing touches on the manuscript for my second book, Murder & Mayhem in Hampton Roads (The History Press, 2018). However, I need help collecting imagery! I will post below descriptions of the imagery I need help finding. I have reached out to as many of my professional contacts that I can think of (as well as new contacts). But I am hoping that you all might be able to help, too. If you have any imagery that you’re willing to donate, I would GREATLY appreciate it! These must be images that are in your personal possession and that you have the rights to release (not ones that you’ve downloaded from Google Images or anything like that).They must be scanned as either JPEG or TIF at the highest resolution possible. If you have physical copies but can’t scan them, I would be happy to try to make arrangements to meet with you during a week day and I will scan the images using my personal scanner. Of course, you would be given credit in the image’s caption as well as a listing in the book’s acknowledgements. I would also be happy to make arrangements for my publisher to mail a copy of the book to you once it is released. Please respond via e-mail, NOT facebook messenger (as I never check fb messenger). My e-mail address is: NancyESheppardHistory@gmail.com. Thank you so incredibly much!!!!

1. The Burning of Hampton (1861)
2. The Murder of Medora Alice Powell in Princess Anne County (1886): for this one, I need to find period-appropriate imagery of Princess Anne County, including Holland (Swamp) Road, Hickory Bridge schoolhouse, and Brooke Farm (I know these specifically would be a stretch)
3. The Murder of Wilda Brokaw (1920): For this one, I am looking for images of Camp Eustis and Lee Hall Depot from 1900-1921. There were a series of cottages just outside of the base where the Brokaws lived.
4. The Trial of Elisha Kent Kane III (1931): I am looking for images from this period of the Back River Lighthouse at Grandview Island (Hampton), the old courthouse in Hampton, period pictures of Hilton Village, and any images regarding this particular case (including the family of Jenny Graham Kane from Newport News)
5. John Curtis (1932): I am looking for imagery of Norfolk resident, John Curtis, specifically in regards to Charles Lindbergh. I am looking for images of the ketch named Marcon, owned by the owner of the Monticello Hotel, the Curtis-Dunn Marine Railway
6. The Colonial Parkway Murders: Anything period appropriate for these between 1986-1989.
7. Any images of Tommy & The Bull from around the time of the Trashmore April Fool’s Day Prank

I TRULY appreciate all of your help!!!!!!
... See MoreSee Less


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I will talk to my uncle and have him look through old family photos for Princess Anne County and see what he can send me. Our family has been in Pungo for 4 generations so we might be able to help.

I'm interested in reading your book. When do you expect it to be published?

Try Dumars in Norfolk they have some old photo albums

Friday February 9th, 2018

Rachel Gaby

How many people went Lynnhaven Elementary Schools plus know your teachers there? ... See MoreSee Less


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I'm still trying to explain the "one-way" hallways! It blows everyone's mind.

Elementary or middle?

Mrs. Cannon! Changed my life ❤

I went there in the early 60s. We lived on Doctor Dr. I can only remember Ms. Denyes in 3rd grade.

I went there. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Shealy, Patricia Shealy Sanderson's mom. <3

First year it was open, 7th grade-Mrs. Butler - it was the 63-64

I went to Lynnhaven Elementary 1st (1983) through 6th grade.

I did from 2nd-6th. I think, Ms. Brown, Ms.Plummer, Ms. Yankush, Ms. Norville and Ms. LaGrande. 3rd grade I’m hazy on... I can’t remember, but Ms. Denyes rang a bell. Frank Beacham, was our principal and was later my children’s guidance counselor!

1st grade: Mrs. McPherson, 2nd: Mrs. Uplinger, 3rd: Mrs. DeYoung, 4th:Mrs. Wynn, 5th: Mrs. Norrington & Mrs. O'Brien, 6th; Mrs. Norrington, Mrs. Norville, Mr. Hudson, & Mr. Roadman. Mr. Cahill & Mr. Peters? (earlier yrs) were PE teachers, Miss Redd (I forgot what her name changed to after she got married) was the Art teacher, and For some reason I can't recall the music teacher's name, but it started with an S. I can see her face clear as day though. The nurses name was Mrs. Scott, and the assistant principal Mr. Coles. And I wish I could recall the substitute teacher's name who was killed in a car accident on her way to our class one day when I was in 3rd grade. She was also pregnant at the time. Mr. Coles was our teacher that day. That, I never forgot.

I went to lynnhaven elementary for kindergarten(cant remember year) and fifth grade(1992)...the principal who was there when I was in the fifth grade works at the school i work at now...i remember three of my teachers but never communicated with them after leaving..my fifth grade teachers were Ms. Peggy Cook and Mr. Chase

I went to lynnhaven elem. I even did 7th grade there.

Mr. Simpkins for 7th grade History (his dad actually wrote the textbook), Mrs. White for English and Mr. Edwards (the pervert) for Science.

I went to this school in the 60's and 70's. Also had 7th grade there. Grew up on Stancil St.

I went there from mid 70's to early 80's

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Thursday July 28th, 2011

Rachel Gaby

How many of you went to Plaza Junior High School and now it Plaza Middle School? ... See MoreSee Less


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I went to plaza middle school!! That was such a longtime ago!!

Early 80's


mid 80's go trojans lol

ya know it- early 90's

early 70's when it was all new

my husband merrill hance aka TROLL, used to. He's the cause the trophy case busted

late 80's i think..maybe 1990 by 9th grade..Loved Plaza! wish i bought that yearbook now 🙁

went to plaza junior high the first 2 years it opened..1970..I think


I went there 75,76,77,then Kellam starting in 78

Hi Cindy you might know my sisiter, Debbie Payne. she was there the first year it opened too. We lived on Garrison Place then.


yes I did in 84 -85

I went to Plaza jr in 77,78 & 79

83- 86

Seventh grade.. 83 then went to Independence Jr. after the rezoning.

Steve Proffitt, did you live on Raintree?

i loved plz jr high best school ever

loved plaza Jr. just didnt like walking to school!

I remember all of you guys wearing MC Hammer parachute pants along with a white glove to the school dances in the mid 80's. LOL


'77-79...fun times in band, student government..

80-83, 1983 district baseball champs!

I hated that place - what a shit hole - just sayin'

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Saturday February 10th, 2018

Cenon Abesa

Anyone remember the church that was a giant barn on Providence Rd near College Park? I don’t think it’s there anymore. When was it torn down? I thought it was really cool every time we drove past it. ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Yes...Senior Apts there now & Lidl

I don't remember that one. But the Rock church, it had the giant bolder? I was able to go in and walk around inside when I was a kid. Nothing much was locked back then. I think i remember it being next to Kempsville high school

Yes, I remember it when it was still a barn

I'm thinking it was Birchards Dairy barn.

Yes. Now a Lidl

I remember it. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding there. I think that was around 1979 or 1980.

Yes, many years ago there was a dairy farm in that area. Later the property was turned into a church called "The Barn Tabernacle." At one time John Carraway was the minister there and also he used to be on WXRI radio station.

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Saturday February 10th, 2018

Pam Glenn Griffen

Ok does anyone on here have pictures of Rouges Gallery? ... See MoreSee Less


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I got into Rogues my junior year in hs w/ an id that said I was 5'11 and weigh 160 lbs---- I was 5'2 and 110!!!

I had to use a fake ID to get to participate in the K-94 Clown Quest Contest during the intermission of the Firesign Theater "Fighting Clowns" show. Good times.

Somewhere... my husbands father was the manager Pops!!! When I find them I’ll post them!!!

That would be great! Thank you

Saturday February 3rd, 2018

Cindy Blevins Daniels

is Frankies Place for Ribs really closed? ... See MoreSee Less

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so sad!

Yes :'(

Sure is


After 35 years


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Tuesday February 6th, 2018

Rose Jackson

Does anyone know when Cox High School Class of 1978's next reunion will take place? ... See MoreSee Less

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Call the school..they will turn u onto the right person..do not join classmates..they are a rip off

I've never seen 78 reunion...once I think they added on to another class?? Following..

I was class of 83 we’ve had one every five years!!

Saturday February 10th, 2018

Erik Moore

It's raining now, but this morning was beautiful on Back Bay.
Gorgeous sunrise, water so slick you could "roll a marble across it", and a Snow Geese serenade.
... See MoreSee Less


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What part of the bay

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Monday February 19th, 2018


Don't let that Punxsutawney tell ya about how soon spring is coming in Virginia Beach...King Neptune says it's sooner than we think! ... See MoreSee Less

Dont let that Punxsutawney tell ya about how soon spring is coming in Virginia Beach...King Neptune says its sooner than we think!

Sunday February 18th, 2018


think summer-think vacation ... See MoreSee Less

think summer-think vacation

Monday February 12th, 2018


It's a rainy day in Virginia Beach. No worries here are some rainy day ideas...

... See MoreSee Less

Its a rainy day in Virginia Beach. No worries here are some rainy day ideas... https://www.vabeach.com/beach-bucket-list/activities-rainy-days/

Saturday February 10th, 2018



summer shots
... See MoreSee Less

VaBeach.com summer shots

Friday February 9th, 2018


www.vabeach.com/beach-bucket-list/for-the-ocean-lover/ ... See MoreSee Less


Monday February 5th, 2018




Monday February 5th, 2018


nice evening sky at 1st Street Jetty...the best part to realize here is that...THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER!! ... See MoreSee Less

nice evening sky at 1st Street Jetty...the best part to realize here is that...THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER!!

Friday February 2nd, 2018


Polar Plungers...tomorrow is the BIG day. Here is the scene at 31st Street as everyone is getting set up for tomorrow.

... See MoreSee Less

Polar Plungers...tomorrow is the BIG day. Here is the scene at 31st Street as everyone is getting set up for tomorrow. https://www.vabeach.com/virginia-beach-events/fairs-festivals/polar-plunge-festival/


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When your all dried off and need to get warm.. go see the folks at Cocomo Joe's...They will be waiting on you

Soo u guys do that also, here in Ohio few wks ago, Lake Erie frozen, no place to plunge in, lol.

I wish I could go babe

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Thursday February 1st, 2018


... See MoreSee Less


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Love that ocean!!

Friday January 26th, 2018


VABeach.com ... See MoreSee Less



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My favorite place to be.

Drew Dearing 😍😍😍😍😍

Monday January 22nd, 2018


... See MoreSee Less


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Favorite beach

Friday January 19th, 2018