Q: Where are hoverboards allowed?

Asked by: Ana W.

Hi Ana,

Hoverboards, skateboards, razor scooters and other similar equipment are not permitted on the boardwalk or bike path.


Now, having said that, let’s just say that the local police and patrols are not there to ruin your vacation or to make life difficult for you. ?

I would personally say that the if you tried to use a hoverboard in an icolated section of the boardwalk or bike path that no one would really say anything to you.  Policies will definitely get enforced much more strictly if you are presenting a problem to other visitors who are trying to get around or if you are using your equipment in a careless and/or dangerous way.

Many of the rules used in Virgina Beach regarding the beach iteself are just common sense rules.  As long as a visitor doesn’t abuse the privleges and doesn’t cause a problem for others around them, then most things get overlooked at the beach.

We hope this helps answer your question.


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