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Q: We where wondering if anyone new of a private 1 bedroom home to rent on the beach with a private pool that allows dogs.

Added Details:

We stayed at the Best Western on Cheseapeke Bay and the Homewood Suites in Virgina Beach but they weren't very pet freindly. If anyone can help i would be very greatful .

Asked by: Andy G.


Hi Andy,

Please see the following lists:

  • Pet-Friendly Real Estate / Beach Homes
    It really depends on your preferences and where you want to stay.  In Sandbridge (15 miles south of the oceanfront) you can find homes by contacting Sandbridge Beach Rentals, Siebert Beach Rentals or Sandbridge Blue Beach Rentals.  They can certainly help find what you are looking for if you don’t mind not being directly in the resort area. There are some homes on the “north-end” of the beach (40th – 80th Street) that also can accommodate your needs but typically a real estate person would need to help you find and rent one.
  • Pet-Friendly Hotels 
    There are plenty of hotels that are pet friendly.  We understand that you have had some problems inthe past with hotels being pet-friendly, so our advice would be to call ahead and check with the front-desk or concierge and find out the details of what is allowed and not allowed.  Pet “friendly” can mean different things to different hotels.
  • Pet-Friendly Campgrounds 
    Campgrounds are another alterantive.  Most of them have pools and allow pets.  If you have a camper, this migh be a good choice.

We are sorry that we cannot be more helpful with your question. Finding a place to stay in Virginia Beach with specific requirements can sometimes be challenging.  Call around and talk to the various beach home rental agencies and als the hotels and find out what they recommend before you arrive.

We hope you and your furry friend HAVE A GREAT DAY AT THE BEACH!


Virginia Beach, VA
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