Virginia Beach Articles About Things To Do

July 29, 2019
Healthy Activities in Virginia Beach is always a favorite subject for our locals and tourists alike. In fact, we get the question ALL the time on our Contact Us page or our Ask a Local page. We decide... Read more >>
June 28, 2019
Everyone wants to know about the hottest attractions for July in Virginia Beach. We make it easy with this month’s feature article giving you some of our favorites for summer. There is so much t... Read more >>
May 28, 2019
It was the fall of 2018 and hip-hop star and pop icon Pharrell Williams had a vision for Virginia Beach’s College Beach Weekend. In the past this weekend has had a bad reputation. Something need... Read more >>
May 1, 2019
Virginia Beach is an interesting destination in that it’s recognized as an entertaining area, but can also be overlooked. People hear “Virginia Beach” and imagine a popular place wit... Read more >>
Things to Do in Virginia Beach
April 2, 2019
If you are looking for things to do this spring in Virginia Beach we want to give you some ideas. Spring is such a vibrant and fun time to be in Virginia Beach. The entire town comes back to life. See... Read more >>
The Wave Virginia Beach
January 26, 2019
The return of the Virginia Beach Dome brings great excitement for those that went to shows there years ago and for those that want to experience it today. It is an area that the resort area has wanted... Read more >>
Whale Watching in Virginia Beach
January 6, 2019
Whale watching in Virginia Beach is a must-do activity. For some, it’s a bucket list item. Even though The Virginia Aquarium is a great place to visit year-round… whale watching during the... Read more >>
Christmas Lights on the Boardwalk
December 12, 2018
Holiday Fun in Virginia Beach… you ask? The answer is easy… there are ALWAYS fun things to to in Virginia Beach and the holiday season is no exception. This feature article showcases some ... Read more >>
Fall Horseback Riding in Virginia Beach
October 31, 2018
Fall horseback riding in Virginia Beach is by far one of the most popular attractions for the season. It certainly is an experience you’ll never forget. Sit back and hold on as your trusty steed wa... Read more >>
La Promenade
October 23, 2018
Fall shopping in Virginia Beach is great for a lot of reasons. First, the weather is beautiful this time of year with fall folliage and cooler temperatures. Most everyone enjoys the change of season a... Read more >>
September 24, 2018
Fun Fall events is the name of the game at the annual Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach. There is so much to see and do so and there is certainly a little something for everyone. International Sand S... Read more >>
September 19, 2018
Historic Cavalier Hotel Reopens! The historic Cavalier Hotel reclaimed its well-deserved reputation as a luxury destination in Virginia Beach when it reopened its doors this year. This 90 year old la... Read more >>
Breakfast at Pocahontas
August 30, 2018
First of all when on a vacation it’s always a good idea to start your day off right with the best breakfast in Virginia Beach. This article showcases some of the FAVORITE places to enjoy your fi... Read more >>
Breweries and Distilleries in Virginia Beach
August 12, 2018
Virginia Beach is no stranger to the craft beer and spirits craze that has spread across the globe. The Oceanfront in Virginia Beach is home to several one-of-a-kind breweries and distilleries that of... Read more >>
July 13, 2018
Creative ways to spend your birthday are numerous in Virginia Beach. So if it’s time to plan a party for a special someone, here are some really unique things to do to celebrate. This article sh... Read more >>
June 30, 2018
Pepe Percivati’s Seashore Cathedral In 2018 the Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs issued a call to artists to submit ideas to beautify the Rudee Walk that traverses the area beneath the ... Read more >>
King Neptune
June 13, 2018
Of course Virginia Beach is a wonderful destination for your next vacation but it has a lot more to offer than just the beach and the ocean. Conveniently enough, many Virginia Beach points of interest... Read more >>
The Cape Henry Lighthouse
May 2, 2018
If there is one thing for certain…the weather in Virginia Beach during spring is beautiful. It marks a great time of the year to enjoy everything that Virginia Beach has to offer from restaurant... Read more >>
February 2, 2018
FAMILY RAFT RIDE More Hooah! Oorah! Hooyah! And Woooo hoooooo, coming for the summer of 2018! Coming in 2018, Ocean Breeze Waterpark will add a massive family raft ride to its unique collection of... Read more >> Holiday Article
December 8, 2017
Best Holiday activities in VIrginia Beach… you ask? The answer is easy… there are ALWAYS fun things to to in Virginia Beach and the holiday season is no exception. This feature article sho... Read more >>
Santa on beach
November 27, 2017
All seasons are great in Virginia Beach and fall and winter are no exceptions. There are so many Christmas events and activities going on that we hoped an article detailing some of the favorites would... Read more >>
November 15, 2017
Christmas is a time of family fun and games, especially for those families with kids.  There are all kinds of events and activities available in Virginia Beach that will please the whole family, you ... Read more >>
March 16, 2017
There’s nothing quite like going to a live show and hearing your favorite band or song. The excitement and energy of the crowd, the dancing, the loud music. It can’t be beat! That’s why we are b... Read more >>
January 11, 2017
When the winter approaches and chilly temperatures start to arrive in Virginia Beach, the local entertainment and sightseeing doesn’t stop.  In, fact, in many ways it heats up! Virginia Beach h... Read more >>
Halloween Events in Virginia Beach
October 2, 2016
Find out where to go in Virginia Beach for Halloween. Don’t be afraid. Some of these attractions will scare the pants off of you! Read more >>
August 30, 2016
When you come to Virginia Beach and start walking toward the northern end of the beach (beyond 31st Street), you may notice something a little unique on the beach at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Loc... Read more >>
June 27, 2016
There are a lot of things in the world today that cost outrageous amounts of money.  Even going to a Disney park can be expensive.  In Virginia Beach you luck out,  becasue there are so many things... Read more >>
June 13, 2016
Just like every other month of Summer in Virginia Beach, June is is filled with fun activities all over. There is a lot going on and that makes it hard to pick 5 things to do when you visit or live ... Read more >>
April 18, 2016
April and May are “starter” months for those who are visiting Virginia Beach. They get the ball rolling for a wild and exciting summer.  You can consider it a warm-up for the main summer events. ... Read more >>
March 24, 2016
There was an old advertising company called the Martin Agency and they created the famous saying, “Virginia is for lovers,” but as it turns out that might actually be true. Virginia Beach has bee... Read more >>
February 3, 2016
Seafood is BIG in Virginia Beach… no correct that…. seafood is HUGE in Virginia Beach.  There are a lot of different places to get seafood throughout the Virginia Beach region.  Some p... Read more >>
January 14, 2016
If you live in a city there is probably barely a day that goes by that you don’t experience someone cursing and using foul language as you walk down the street.  This situation is not pleasant for ... Read more >>
September 21, 2015
Everyone wants to go to Virginia Beach, get a tan, cruise the boardwalk and have a lot of fun.  There are so many things to do for all types of people.  Unfortunately, not everyone has someone to br... Read more >>
September 21, 2015
Virginia Beach is well-known for its seafood.  Everyday boats go out and bring back fresh fish and other seafood for the locals and tourists both.  These fishermen and women do this day in and day o... Read more >>
September 21, 2015
You probably want a unique place to spend your Halloween.  Many cities are getting out of the trend of even celebrating Halloween but Virginia Beach certainly isn’t.  Buy plane tickets, book your ... Read more >>
August 31, 2015
Virginia Beach is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year but September is a great time to visit.  The large tourism crowds have died down and the locals start to come back to the beach to... Read more >>
August 20, 2015
Wedding days for many people only happen once.  That is why having an extra special wedding is important. In fact, it is imperative to have your dream wedding.  Virginia Beach is the perfect locati... Read more >>
June 19, 2015
Located just 10 miles from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Farm Bureau Live is based out of the Virginia Beach Amphitheater and offers a wide variety of concerts for locals and vacationers.  Some of... Read more >>
June 19, 2015
There are a lot of things to do in Virginia Beach over the summer In fact, there are so many that sometimes it can be hard to decide which ones to do and which ones to skip.  With this list you can e... Read more >>
May 20, 2015
Virginia is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the United States, so if you are planning your 2015 vacation and you don’t know what to do, VA Beach is a really wonderful option and mos... Read more >>
May 20, 2015
When you think about family vacations or just a weekend getaway with your family or friends, you immediately think about the best place to go, but you also think about what kind of activities you want... Read more >>
May 14, 2015
Article written in part by: Jess Horton ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios Owner/Creator Virginia Beach is referred to as one of the fittest c... Read more >>
May 4, 2015
When you think about Virginia Beach, you think about fun and relaxation. There are many activities that you can do when you are in the area. In this article we are going to focus on one of the best ac... Read more >>
April 1, 2015
Virginia Beach is Bicycling Heaven! Bicycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities for the locals and tourists in Virginia Beach. You can’t go anywhere in Virginia Beach without seeing tons... Read more >>
April 1, 2015
Visitors to a new town always love to check out the historical sites to get a glimpse into the past. Since the first American settlers stepped foot on our hallowed shores, Virginia Beach has been a hi... Read more >>
March 31, 2015
Just last summer Virginia MOCA (Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art) showcased an exhibition called Multiplicity, featuring more than 80 prints by outstanding modern and contemporary artists. Local co... Read more >>
March 31, 2015
Rudee Inlet is home to many of the water-sports outfitters and is the true hub of water activity in Virginia Beach. Families and friends can rent a wave runner and head into the open Atlantic ocean, r... Read more >>
March 31, 2015
Just across from the southern tip of the boardwalk is a small marina community know as the “Rudee Inlet” which is overflowing with activity and things to see. The Marina District is only a short, ... Read more >>
March 30, 2015
Some of everyone’s most fond memories of Virginia Beach take place at the boardwalk. Whether your family rents a four-person surrey, enjoys an afternoon bike ride or morning jog or simply takes two ... Read more >>
March 30, 2015
Virginia Beach is not only the largest city in Virginia, it is by far the most happening place in the state. From having the world’s longest pleasure beach, an award-winning boardwalk, a cosmopolita... Read more >>
7th Street Stage - Virginia Beach
March 27, 2015
If you are ready for live music then just head on down to the boardwalk for fantastic venues offering a wide variety of entertainment through Beach Street USA. There’s always something happening at ... Read more >>
March 18, 2015
First Handicap Accessible Park Grommet Island Park is no regular beach park.  In fact it is America’s  first 100% handicap accessible park to make certain that everybody can enjoy the beach. T... Read more >>
March 18, 2015
First Landing State Park is a Site to See! First Landing State Park is one  of the greatest natural attractions in Virginia Beach and is one of the country’s most beautiful parks. First Landing... Read more >>
March 17, 2015
There is no question in my mind that skydiving is the ultimate thrill. Why am I so certain? Well the thought of getting the feeling of flying like Superman or a bird is without question one of the mos... Read more >>
March 17, 2015
Sights and Sounds are Free along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk! I took a stroll down the boardwalk the other day to take in some of the free sights and sounds. Some of the best things in life are free ... Read more >>
March 17, 2015
Are you fascinated with mind readers , people with ESP, psychics that predict the future? Me too! Did you know that Virginia Beach is home to the International Headquarters for one of the most interes... Read more >>
March 17, 2015
Everybody likes lighthouses right? The Cape Henry Lighthouse has silently guarded the entry way into the Chesapeake Bay for years and years. Standing near the “First Landing” site of the J... Read more >>
March 16, 2015
Virginia Beach is the ultimate American vacation spot. In a town that’s just as hip as it was in the 1950s, you can still take the family for a week-long vacation and have money left over when y... Read more >>
March 16, 2015
What about Winter Fun in Virginia Beach you ask?  The answer is that the beach is fun in all seasons of the year. In fact even though Virginia Beach gets a snowstorm every now and then overall our cl... Read more >>
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