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Virginia Beach has all the sightseeing & tours of all kinds so you are sure to find something fun for the

family and the kids. In fact there are so many sightseeing and tours to do in Virginia Beach that it will take many vacations here to see and do them all. Aquariums are great activities for visitors with children. The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is a  favorite for visitors that provides several Virginia Beach attractions and exhibits perfect for entertaining the little ones. There are 300 species of sea and land animals living right on the premises including Komodo dragons, otters, owls, seals and sharks. You can learn about each species by hands-on participation, fun shows and informational talks.


Boat tours are perfect for sightseeing

Head down to the Marina District at Rudee Inlet where you can take a sightseeing tour on one of the family head  boats. There is no better view of the oceanfront than cruising along on a tour boat like The Rudee Mariner or The Rudee Flipper. This is so much fun for the entire family and the kids love it. There is nothing better than cruising the sea with your family leaving all the worries to the Captain and crew. It is days like these that make lasting memories of your trip to Virginia Beach.


Best Local Tours and Exploration

Chesapean Outdoors

There is nothing quite like the experience your group can have while enjoying all of the services offered at Chesapean Outdoors. It is the perfect Eco-Tourism getaway. They have it all from Kayak and bike...more


Sightseeing Virginia Aquarium

Sightseeing Virginia Aquarium

Rudee Flipper Boat

Catch a ride on the Rudee Flipper

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      Hi Karen, The website is not a government run or subsidized entity. We can only provide information online. You can see the Virginia Beach Vacation and Tourism Guide here…
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